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Football Goal Size: Kickster Academy

Football goal size is an important element of football, as the sizes vary depending on the age group that is playing and by the number of people paying at any one time. If the football goal size is out of sync with the people playing, there may be an unfair advantage. Another factor that influences the football goal size is the pitch size including the run-off area. The FA have produced a document that details such information to ensure that fair-play is in operation.


Full size match goals will vary, for example, the football goal size of a junior match goal is around half of the size of the adult sized match goal. The football goal size for the child's match goal is 12x6, followed by either 16x7 (11|12) or 21x7 (13|14) youth/junior depending on their age, whereas the adult football goal size for a match goal is 24x8 (15+).


 diagram of football goal size


 On the other hand, the 5-a-side football goal size is a lot shorter and wider than both match goal sizes: 4x16. This works in line with the rules of 5-a-side football whereby the ball should not exceed head height or a free kick is awarded to the apposing team. Similarly, the football goal size for 5-a-side football is 4x12; therefore, only slightly narrower than that used by adults, and the child's football goal size for a 5-a-side game is 4x8; again, the goal is narrower than that used by their older counterparts.


Standard match goals generally involve a solid frame (crossbar and posts), in either a metal or UPVC Plastic and the football goal size for standard match goals should be no more than 5 in (12 cm) in diameter and should be the same width as the lines on the field. Suitable match goals can have either a fixed frame that the net can be attached onto, or they can be portable whereby the setup is much easier and the goal can easily be relocated. However, both are equally as good when considering the performance.


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