During a recent brainstorming session at Quickplay Sport we started talking about what it takes to succeed in grassroots (or any other kind) of football. We decided to choose one word to describe it and after rejecting ‘ability’ (too basic), ‘skill’ (too simplistic) and ‘smart’ (too vague) we came up with ‘dedicated’.

As Roy Castle used to sing on Record Breakers ‘dedication’s what you need!’ (If you are under 40, Google it – it was the X Factor of its day). If you have dedication, you will certainly get a lot further and ultimately enjoy your game a lot more.

Fortunately at QUICKPLAY we have an ally to help you with your dedication. Welcome to the future of football coaching – the eCOACH app.

The QUICKPLAY eCOACH app is a great free aid to your dedication in two ways. Firstly by helping you train. Question: what’s better than having a really great coach? Answer: having a really great coach in your pocket. One that is on hand 24/7. One that doesn’t go on holiday or play you out of position. One that really knows his stuff.

Secondly, the eCOACH app also helps with your own dedication because you can use it to put in the hours after club or school training. You can use it at your club with some team mates, or in the garden or even at the park trying avoid that annoying labradoodle that always chases you. 

There is so much on there for you to watch that you can be learning even without the ball at your feet. So with the QUICKPLAY eCOACH app you ramp up your own dedication in an easy and fun way and you have your own dedicated coach, and because the app delivers professional standard coaching content it is ideal for both players and coaches.

There are both individual and team drills that will develop and top up your (and your team’s) skill set. So what you can expect from the app? As this video shows, it has been specially built to be compatible with QUICKPLAY’s range of Spot Rebounders. (Our rebounders are easy to construct and move, great value for money and part of a range of kit which could help bring in revenue for your club – see QUICKPLAY REWARDS for more).

Part of the app’s appeal when we tested it with players and coaches was its sheer simplicity. Using a mobile tablet enabled coaches to demonstrate skills to a group of players, quickly and easily and without ever getting a demonstration wrong!

They also loved the fact that they could pause or rewind any of the videos if any players needed to see them again. The individual players we tested responded really well to the fact that they could watch the drills on their own phones, zip them up in their tracksuit pockets and then get on with practising.

One player told us he’d deleted Candy Crush (and ended a serious love affair with the game!) soon after downloading eCoach, as he preferred to watch the drills a few times at home before practicing them.

Quickplay eCoach AppThe app has 30 detailed but easy-to-follow videos to choose from. Each one will help you or your team develop a particular
aspect of the game. Each one is based around a particular drill with simple instructions for players to follow. Passing, shooting, close control, dribbling, volleys and free kicks are all covered and the use of the QUICKPLAY Spot Rebounders make the exercises focused and fun.

Targets are set on the app for players so that they can move through the levels of Beginner, Player and ultimately, Pro. So we hope you can see why ‘dedication’ is our favourite word at QUICKPLAY.

After all we’re dedicated to helping improve grassroots football in the UK and we truly believe our free new app could really benefit players and coaches of all abilities. The eCOACH app puts the best coach ever in the pocket of the player and the best assistant ever in the pocket of the coach.

The app is currently available on IOS & Android, you download for free on iTunes or Google Play Store.