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Official Goal Sizes
Official Goal Sizes
ARTICLE BY WILLIAM PARSONS Managing Director Quick Play Sport

This is one of the hot questions in football development and it's one nobody seems to be know the answer. Just look at the different recommendations you find from football associations around the world.

In the U.K. the FA recommend 7 to 10 year olds use a 12x6ft goal, while in the Netherlands it's a 3x1m goal. The Swedish FA have recommended a 3x1.5m as do the polish FA. The US association have gone for a 6x4' goal while the French favour a 4x1.5m goal. So what really is best for youth development?

Talking to the different associations my view is goals are often too big for younger age groups and associations should look to go smaller. I feel a 12x6th goal for under 9's is too tall and wide and it does not help players develop technique in front of goal.

A smaller goal for under 9's makes players learn to use accuracy and deception to beat a keeper rather than power. It also helps develop young keeper develop and makes them more influential in the game.

I'll not go on to the over 10's and 18.5 x 6.5ft goals v 16x7ft goals but it's clear to me many of the world soccer association need to offer more clear guide lines on what are the best types goals and games structures for the under 10's.

The Swedish FA have just done a great job of this, setting out the guide lines that let clubs and coachers know what they should be doing to develop young players.

Age 6-7
Players - 3v3
Pitch Size - 15x12m
Goal Size - 1.5x1m

Age 8-9
Players - 5v5
Pitch Size - 30x20m (30x15m)
Goal Size – 3x1.5m

Age 10-11
Players 7v7
Pitch Size 50x30m
Goal Size 5x2m

This weekend (18th and 19th of March) QUICKPLAY is attending a conference run by the Swedish football Association as they launch their new guide lines. It's to bring coachers, associations and manufacturers together to find the very best product solutions.


So often facility's don't have the correct goal size for younger players and the evidence shows it's an important part of the player development jigsaw. Product solutions need to be quick and easy to set up, offer a stability and durability. We have been watching this debate unfold for the last 3 years and have responded with our KICKSTER ELITE range offering a full range of sizes for 1.5x1m to 5x2, a pre weighted base and 90 second set up with all parts pre attached.

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It would be great to get your feedback on what is a key debate in youth development right now, all comments welcome!