Cognitive Cones (set of 16)
Cognitive Cones (set of 16)
Cognitive Cones (set of 16)
Cognitive Cones (set of 16)
Cognitive Cones (set of 16)
Cognitive Cones (set of 16)

Cognitive Cones (set of 16)

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  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN - These cones have an innovative triangular design base and have been specifically designed to pair with QUICKPLAY Agility Poles.
  • ANY SURFACE - Practice on the turf, grass, or court. Bring your performance training to the next level as you build strength and grace into your training.
  • HIGH VISIBILITY- Improve acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction with these high-visibility field markers.
  • DURABLE- These cones maintain their shape, even after being stepped on by the most demanding athletes.
  • SPEED AND QUICKNESS - These lightweight cones help to develop quick feet, so you can output maximum power and control no matter the sport

Improve Your Performance with QUICKPLAY Cognitive Cones

Elevate your game day performance with QUICKPLAY Cognitive Cones. Designed to help athletes engage their brain and body during training to work together to perceive what is happening around them, improve their ability to process incoming information and react faster.

The compact and portable cones help coaches simulate game day environments to better mimic the random and reactive nature of sports such as football and rugby. The cognitive cones can be used with the QUICKPLAY agility poles so cones can be deployed at 3ft and 6ft high, making sure players pick their heads up and see the full picture.

Key Features:

  • Engage Your Brain and Body: Our Cognitive Cones are specifically designed to stimulate player's brain and body during training. By integrating cognitive exercises into your agility drills, players develop faster reaction times, improved decision-making, and heightened situational awareness.
  • Simulate Game Day Environments: With their compact and portable design, these cones allow you to recreate realistic game day scenarios. By mimicking the challenges and complexities of sports, players will be better prepared to excel in high-pressure situations.
  • Compatible with QUICKPLAY Agility Poles: Combine the Cognitive Cones with our Agility Poles for an added dimension to your training. By deploying the cones at 3ft and 6ft heights using the agility poles, you'll encourage players to lift their heads, scan the field, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the game.
  • Train Your Brain and Body: The combination of cognitive exercises and physical agility drills will improve your overall performance on the field. Strengthen the connection between your brain and body, enhancing coordination, anticipation, and reaction speed.

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Incorporate QUICKPLAY Cognitive Cones into your training regimen and experience the benefits of heightened cognitive awareness and enhanced physical abilities. Prepare yourself to make split-second decisions and dominate the competition on game day.

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