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ARTICLE BY WILLIAM PARSONS Managing Director Quick Play Sport

Barnfield Training Centre

QuickPlay are proud to work with Burnley football club providing a range of rebounders for the new Barnfield Training centre.

Since its construction last year this state of the art facility has helped the Burnley first team and development teams reach new heights in the Premier League. QuickPlay, working with under 18s manager Danny Cadamatrea, introduced the Pro Rebounder and Spot Elite Rebounder to the Academy. These two rebounders help all age groups using the facility to explore a whole range of different training drills and routines.

Training With The Pro Rebounder

Using the Pro Rebounder players are working on both passing and accuracy in combination with their ball receiving skills. One of the most critical areas of the players technique is how well they can receive the ball and manipulate it into space in order to execute a pass or shot. The pro rebounder is ideal for this task with both an aerial and ground rebound function. This dual function is why Danny wanted to get QuickPlay Pro Rebounders at the academy.

The large 7 x 7 target means players can hit shots and passes with power into the rebounder and it will cross the ball into the penalty area. The coach is able to vary the angle of the rebound to create different trajectories of cross. From the coaches point of view it's ideal as you can give players drills to do in their own time to work on parts of the game you feel they need to improve.

Training With The Spot Elite Rebounder

Burnley FC have also started using the Spot Elite Rebounder. This is a more technical close control rebounder for short range technical skills. The softer loop pass is designed to return the ball from a higher angle so the player can pass the ball back on the volley. This helps players hone their technique when the ball is in the air and is also great for warmup drills and training games. From Danny's point of view it is critical to keep training sessions dynamic and interesting for players as well as targeting elements of players technique that help them bring the ball undercontrol quicker and also read the trajectory of the ball in flight.

Here at QuickPlay we are massive fans of Burnley football club and the way they develop players from the grassroots up. We wish them the best of luck this season.