The football World Cup of 2018 is to be held in Russia, and the country is excitedly preparing for the big event! As it is one of the largest sporting events to be held that year, preparations have already been undertaken and Russia plans to make the World Cup bigger and better than when it was held in Brazil in 2014 - which explains why the projected costs have already been doubled compared to the original budget that was set.

Match Goals

For the football World Cup, Russia has already started focusing on the stadiums where the games will be held which will be across 11 cities of Russia, in 12 stadiums. There are stadiums which are being redesigned and upgraded, while some will be completely new. There are stadiums under construction in Moscow, Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan and Saransk with a capacity to hold a large number of people ranging from 40,000-80,000. There is also consideration regarding the designs to comply with FIFA standards.

A venue has also been selected for the FIFA banquet and the preliminary World Cup draw. The banquet will be held at an artistic venue which is the Russian Museum of fine arts in St. Petersburg. The draw, which is the first official event of the 2018 World Cup, will be held at the 17th century Konstantinovsky Palace which has been restored and maintained over the years.

As the 2018 World Cup will involve a large number of prestigious guests and fans coming in from all over the world, Russia has started building hotels specifically for the football World Cup. This is also to ensure adequate accommodation for the teams as well as the FIFA officials. They want to ensure that they make the World Cup as memorable as possible and for that they are going through great expenses.

The official posters for the 11 cities of Russia that will be hosting the 2018 World Cup have also been designed. The official logo of the FIFA World Cup has been designed in a way to capture the heart and spirit of Russia. The design includes the World Cup trophy and the colours of the Russian flag, blue and red along with gold trimmings. This logo has been shared all over Russia and the world, increasing the excitement of the football World Cup.

You might think the 2018 World Cup is way far ahead, but for the Russians it is still not enough time to complete preparations and get everything on track. They want the event to be perfect, and make the experience great for all the teams and football lovers. This is why they are determined to keep ongoing preparations and make huge investments in the stadiums. The Luzhniki Stadium is to have a large screen and illuminations that will allow people from all over Moscow to see the game! Russia has left no expense in making the football World Cup great and we are all excited to see how it turns out.