The various striking female soccer stars that are looking to capture glory and lucrative endorsements glamourise the Women's World Cup 2015, which boasts state-of-the-art sporting facilities such as football nets, football training goals, rebound nets and football goal posts. With competitive grounds present for these female soccer personalities only high profile players will attract big-money endorsements. For the 2015 Women's World Cup the following players should be taken notice off:

1. Asisat Oshala

She is a 20-year-old Nigerian who is the first African to play for England's Women's Super League and has been voted as BBC women's footballer of the year. She has also risen to fame due to her success as the best player at the Under-20 World Cup, in which she helped Nigeria finish second against Germany. She was brought up in a Muslim household where her family dealt in gold and fashion industries. Her interest in football came by watching the Liverpool men's team on television as a child.

2. Marta

From Brazil, this 29 year old is a five-time winner of Fifa Women's player of the year award. She plays in Sweden for FC Rosengard and has yet to receive a title such as Women's World Cup top scorer, which is currently held by Germany's recently retired Birgit Prinz.

3. Vivianne Miedema

At 18 years of age and playing for Holland, Miedema has promised to help Holland, which has been struggling in female's football as compared to its neighbouring countries who are fairing reasonably in this sport. Miedema famously termed, as 'the most gifted in Europe' is a player to look out for as she plays for Oranje.

4. Homare Sawa

Sawa was an outstanding player for Japan about four years ago when it won the World Cup in Germany. At 36, Sawa remains an iconic figure in the game irrespective of the several injuries she has endured. Japan is glad to have her back as their key attacking midfielder and she is definitely bound to give rival football teams a hard time.

5. Jessie Fleming

With the Women World Cup 2015 taking place in Canada and if Canada is looking to win the game on its home soil then Christine Sinclair is the woman they are looking to lead it. However, keeping her aside, Jessie Fleming a midfielder boasts extraordinary talent and skills at the age of 17. She is definitely to become a prominent player in the game as she has a long way to go.

6. Abby Wambach

At 34, Wambach has proved an impressive football record of scoring 182 goals for the USA, paired with winning two Olympic goal medals. She is now looking to crown her achievements with a World Cup triumph. This however, might be her final international appearance before she retires.

7. Jill Scott

Back in 2011, Scott shone for England at the Germany 2011 World Cup and at 28; the midfielder knows and plays the game superbly. She is referred to as the most technically assured player in Mark Sampson's squad and is yet to experience a title to her name. She has formerly been a distance runner before her football career.

8. Nadine Angerer

Angerer is the German captain who has enjoyed various records to her name. She has won two World Cups in 2003 and 2007, and during the tournament in China, she set the record of conceding goals. With a record of 540 minutes of not picking the ball from the back of her net, this set record has yet to be beat by a female player. However, this is the last World Cup Angerer will be playing for her team.

9. Wendie Renard

France boasts about being the most accomplished side in the world of football and is considered as the leading contender for the Women's World Cup 2015. However, during big championships, they tend to choke but with Renard to provide composure and precision to the team, this might change the whole game plan.

10. Fara Williams

Williams at 31 is considered one of the best footballers England has produced. Despite her struggling efforts to maintain a consistent place to live for the past 6 years, which she hid from her teammates, she is now set to prove her stance as a goal-scoring midfielder.