Whats the difference between Russell Brand and Wayne Rooney?

Well lots things obviously but one of them is that while Brand wants to save the world, Rooney could actually do it.

After Rooney surpassed Bobby Charlton's England scoring record at Wembley on Tuesday night it got us thinking about his wealth and his annual salary could do in terms of helping the world's poorest.

With the refugee crisis on the front page of every tabloid newspaper and continually on our TV screens we have looked at the main problems facing people today, this includes; lack of food and water, protection from disease and child education.

Looking at education first of all, in many African countries education is a privilege and not a right - Wayne Rooney's annual salary could put 58,125 Ugandan children through elementary school, to put that into perspective that is more than Manchester City's average home crowd (which works out at 54,331)

When you hear about world poverty, you automatically assume 'lack of food' and to emphasise this point, it is estimated that there are close to 1 billion people in the world who don't have enough to eat.

The pressure group War on Want put it even more directly: "The world has reached an unprecedented crossroad: the number of people suffering from obesity has now overtaken the 800 million people living in hunger. The global food system is in crisis."

It costs less than $100 (£65) to feed a child for a year in the world's developing countries and so our calculations state that Wayne Rooney could feed 203,440 children in need or - this is the same as the whole population in his home village of Prestbury!

Nearly as many people living in hunger also lack access to clean water - a staggering  783 million people - and 2.5 billion have no access to decent sanitation. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimate that 6-8 million people die each year as a result of water-related disease. Yet simple water wells which can provide a regular supply of clean water for villages in developing countries cost between $5-12.

There are about 4,520 villages in the UK (i.e. with a population of under 20,000). Imagine if they had just one well to share. We estimate that Wayne Rooney's annual salary could provide clean, safe water for between 1,695 and 4,068 of the villages desperate for water in the developing world.

In many parts of Africa the daily fight for clean water and enough to eat is compounded by the risk of malaria. A child dies every minute from the disease and in 2013 90% of those deaths occurred in Africa.

Malaria vaccines cost just $8.50 each but WHO stress that high quality insecticidal nets and residual spraying also saves millions of lives every year. Wayne could pay for vaccinations for 2,393,414 people (just about the whole population of Namibia) or buy nets for 6,781,341 people (every person in Eritrea with some spare change).

So Wayne could definitely save a good part of the world.

This isn't a judgement call against him just some serious food for thought.

What do you think?

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