The summer holidays are nearly here and thinking about how to entertain your kids for the next 6 weeks must be a daunting thought! With all that energy kids have, how tired are you going to be running after them all Summer long? Fear not! Here at QuickPlay, we've put our heads together and thought of 10 fun and budget friendly activities for you to do with your kids this Summer! 

1. Create musical instruments so that your kids can put on a summer evening concert for you and your partner

Instead of using expensive musical instruments for having the summer evening concert, find household items which you can turn into instruments. For instance, an empty bottle filled with dried beans makes a great shaker; a plastic container and spoons becomes a drum, and pot covers can be transformed into cymbals.

2. Give a cardboard box to your children and ask them to create something out of it.

Children love creating and making things out of simple household items such as cardboard box. For instance, cereal cardboard boxes can be used to make cars, planes or spaceships, which the children can play with. This will it let their imagination run wild and keep them busy! And give you some time to relax and unwind.

3. Organise a weekly neighbourhood talent night

This might require some work especially when it comes to asking parents and children to join in. It might be difficult for everyone to show up especially when they have different schedules. But if you are able to gather a couple of parents with their children to show off their singing, dancing and drama talents, you and your children can enjoy a fun and interesting evening.

4. Involve your children in helping you plant veggies and fruits in your garden

You can engage your children by letting them sow the fruit and veggie seeds into the ground, water them, watch them grow, cultivate them and then eat them when they are ripe. They will love to see the plants progress over the Summer!

5. Let your children be creative with nature

Do you want to sit outside in your garden and enjoy the warm sunshine? You can do that and include your children also by giving them large pieces of white paper and crayons and ask them to draw the nature they see around them such as butterflies, birds and trees.

6. Educate your children about the different leaves and flowers

Go for a walk with your children and let them collect leaves and flowers, which they can look up using a field guide to see what the plants are called.

7. Take the children to the park or beach and play football

Physical activity is such an important factor for a healthy lifestyle, and it’s so much more encouraging to do if it’s fun! The beach or park is the perfect place for a game of football, not only for the kids but also perfect for luring the adults into playing football. If you have portable football goals this will give the game more of a real life game feel, so find some goals that are quick and easy to put up and take down!

Children carrying portable football equipment

 8. Teach your children about navigations

Take your children bike riding in another neighbourhood and use maps to help them learn navigation skills. Why not take your bikes and navigate to the nearest park for a picnic?

9. For those rainy days, play dress up with your children.

Find funny hats, gloves, purses, flowing gowns and 'superhero' capes and enjoy a session of dress-up where children can act out their favourite character or made-up story scene.

10. Take your children to the library and have them select a book to read.

Getting children to read can be difficult, but it’s so important! Encourage children to accompany you to the local library where they can select their favourite books and read them each week or month.