Thinking of new and innovative ways to train players, is a problem faced by many coaches around the world. It does not matter at which level the team is playing, it could be professional, semi-professional or amateur, training is a vital part of achieving success on the pitch.

Players can lose interest quickly, if the coach is not giving them something relevant and interesting to do during training sessions. This where the Quickplay Spot Rebounder comes in, as it's not only a great football coaching aid, it also offers coaches a number of ways in which to train players.

The Spot Rebounders, which are available via the Quickplay website, have been designed to ensure the ball returns to the player with the pace taken off it. This means, the player has the time to do what he/she likes with the football, whether it is a one-touch pass back to the Spot Rebounder or taking a touch and then returning back.

Not only that but the Spot Rebounder will always return the ball to the centre, even if a player passes it from an angle. Again, this will give the player time to get in to position to receive the ball, by knowing where to expect it to arrive and from there, he/she can complete the next aspect of their training.

To assist coaches with using the Rebounder and in order to get the very best out of it, here at Quickplay Sport, we have designed an app, which works in conjunction with the Rebounder. The Quickplay eCoach app is free to download and comes readily available from the Google Play Store and iTunes. The benefits of using the app are huge, as it offers a number of individual and team training drills, which can be used during training sessions with your team. Some of the drills are focused on the individual player, whereas others are team related but in both cases, the improvement of player technique is the key. By taking a player through the different drills, it is possible to pick up on where an individual may need to improve their game.

For example, it may become apparent a player is struggling when having to play a first time, cushioned pass in to the Spot Rebounder. By making use of the Quickplay eCoach app, you can quickly set up training drills, which concentrate specifically on this aspect of their game. Using the Quickplay eCoach app, it's possible to take the guessing out of football coaching and get back to concentrating on improving player technique.

Used in conjunction with the Spot Rebounder, these tools are the next step in football coaching. One of the keys to a good training session is to keep players interested and motivated and the Spot Rebounder and eCoach app combine perfectly, to do just that.

Download the eCoach app for FREE on the Google Play store & Apple App Store.