The new Target Goal by QuickPlay, the Kickster Elite was put to the test, appearing on the pitch at half time in the Queen Park Rangers vs. Tottenham Spurs match. 

Target Goal on pitch at QPR vs Spurs

The Kickster Elite's portability and 2 minute set up time made it the perfect choice to rush onto the pitch at half time for QPR in the Community so the kids could use it as a target goal. Unlike other pop up goals, the Kickster Elite has a weighted baseframe and rubber feet, meaning there’s no need to use sandbags or ground pegs, making the target goal simple and even easier to take from storage to training.

Part of QuickPlay’s Pro Series, the Kickster Elite was designed with football coaches and clubs of all levels as the perfect Target Goal for you. This target goal is an innovative piece of football training equipment and is made to the highest possible production standards, combining strength and durability, meaning the coach has peace of mind during his training sessions. This little target goal has the speed and portability of a pop up goal and the durability of a real goal, so you know it really can take whatever you throw at it.

Check out the Kickster Elite and get your target goal now