Having invested in a Quickplay Spot Rebounder, the next goal is to get the best out of your new equipment. The good news, is that the Quickplay eCoach App, available for free on both Android and Apple devices, is here to help. The eCoach App offers a wide and varied selection of coaching drills and tips, which can be used in conjunction with the Spot Rebounder. One such drill, involves volleying the football. Although volleying may not seem as common place during a match as other techniques, it still plays a crucial role in the game. Who can forget Zinedine Zidane's fantastic volley for Real Madrid against Bayer Leverkusen in the 2002 Champions League final at Hampden Park?

Or Wayne Rooney's spectacular effort for Manchester United, against Newcastle United at Old Trafford?

The Quickplay eCoach App, will show you, as a coach, how to set up your Spot Rebounder, in order to practice shooting at goal using a volley. Two players can participate in this drill at the same time, if you have two Rebounders and the eCoach App, will show you exactly how to set them up and get your players working on their volleying technique in minutes.

If you would like to involve a goalkeeper from the off, you can and the app will show you exactly how to do this. However, if you would like your players to work on different types of volley, before moving in to a situation involving a goal and goalkeeper, the eCoach App will help.

There are a number of drills available, which concentrate on the various styles of volleying, from using the laces, to the instep. Using the laces is more likely to come in to play during a match situation, when you are taking on a shot or a long range pass. The instep on the other hand, is more likely to be used when playing a short, controlled pass, a precise finish or a delicate lob over the keeper.

For each style of volley, the eCoach App will show you exactly how to set up your Spot Rebounder and also any other equipment you will need, such as space markers. Not only that but distance measurements are provided, so you will know exactly where to place your training equipment, taking the hard work and guessing out of your training sessions. With the Quickplay eCoach App and Spot Rebounder, you are fully armed as a coach, to deliver a professional volleying technique training session, quickly and easily. Spend less time trying to think of drills for your players and more time on the training field, improving their technique, thanks to Quickplay Sport.