Football is all about speed and agility if you are looking to win the match! However, developing and maintaining speed does not come easy and it requires a lot of endurance and hard work. In order to remain on top of your competing rivals it is important to keep practicing and stay up-to-date.

Here are 10 best speed and agility cone drills for which you will require cones, football training nets and football goal:

1. X-Drill

This particular drill focuses on switching footwork quickly, running at different angles, maintaining strong postures and changing directions. Arrange four cones into a square formation with each side being 15 feet. Start by sprinting diagonally from the upper left cone down to the lower right cone. Then begin shuffling laterally to the lower left cone and run diagonally to the upper right cone. You can end this routine by shuffling across the top of the square and back to the original cone from where you started and begin again in the opposite direction.

2.  123 Back

During a football match, you are unaware of when and how you will sprint, stop and change directions. It is a great stimulus for players to think and accelerate the defensive aspect of the game. This drill helps you to be proactive and react quickly as you would have during a real match. Keep three cones in a straight line, which are 5-yards apart. Then take a fourth cone and position it 3 yards behind the middle cone, which will be your starting point. For a drill, you will require a coach or you can collaborate who will call out the numbers on the cone and you will have to run to that specific cone.

3. Shuttle Drill

Football is all about precision and speed where you are required to practice acceleration and agility while playing the game. This effectively teaches you when to stop and change directions quickly. Place 3 cones in front of football nets that are 5-yards apart from each other. Starting with the centre cone, sprint to the cone on your right and touch it after which you will change directions by sprinting 10 yards to the next cone on the left. End the drill by sprinting back to middle cone, from where you started.

4. Flying 20 Drill

This specific drill concentrates on developing your conditioning and enhancing your speed capabilities. For this drill, you will require 50-yards of space where you will place a cone at the 30-yard mark. From the beginning line to the cone, which is at 30-yards, you will slowly increase speed and start accelerating at a constant speed so that by the time you hit the 30-yard mark you will be completely sprinting. Take a break and continue this in five reps.

5. Four Corner Drill

While playing football an effective defence is crucial to win matches. This drill helps you in quickly transiting from backpedalling to sprinting. You can set four cones in front of football training nets, in a square formation with each cone set 5-yards apart. Begin at the top of the square formation and backpedal to the cone parallel to you. Once you are there then sprint diagonally to the next. Repeat this with the two remaining cones.

6. Three Cone Drill

Also known as the L drill, the cones are kept in an L formation with each cone 5 yards apart. You will begin at the top of the formation and sprint 5-yards forward to the next cone, which is in front of football training nets. Before returning to the first cone, you will change direction quickly and then continue to the third cone by rounding and sprinting. This drill measures your performance with respect to agility.

7. W Drill

In this drill, you will begin in a crouched stance and then sprint diagonally to the first cone once the coach whistles. At the first cone, you will round it and backpedal diagonally to the next cone. This form is repeated until you reach the sixth cone. This greatly helps in footwork and change of directions while you move backward. This is best for defensive players in cornerbacks of football nets.

8. 20-yard shuttle

This drill is best suited to judge agility and teaches footwork properly. You begin with a 3-point stance where the players sprints 5-yards to the first cone, once the whistle is blown. He then sprints 10 yards in other direction to touch the cone and finally sprints back to the start line. This helps eliminating wasting time before changing direction and increases lateral quickness.

9. Pro-Agility Run

Position three cones in a straight line in front of football goal nets, in such a way that the centre cone is 5 yards apart from the other two outer cones. You will stand at the middle cone with feet and shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent. You will then sprint to the right cone and touch before quickly changing direction and sprinting to the opposite cone at 10 yards.

10. Zigzag Sprint

Football players barely run in a straight line because in the real match they dodge opposing players while they try to make a goal. In order to enhance your multidirectional running capabilities this drill is an effective tool. You will need 10 cones placed 6-feet apart. Begin 10 yards from the first cone and increase your speed as you reach the first marker and then sprint through cones as fast as you can. You will need to stay close to the obstacles and focus largely on sidestepping.  

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