Tony Kelly is a coach of Junior Football Club in Stockport. He wrote to us about how he is always searching for football fundraising ideas and how much he is getting from Quickplay Rewards.

So we thought we'd ask him to write our first blog, after all, who better to talk about fundraising for football than someone who lives and breathes it week in week out?

Note: he insisted on calling it 'Tony's Team Talk'

Tony's Team Talk

I'm Tony, 49-year old father of two, hard-working office jockey by day and running a junior football club in my spare time. There are millions of us out there I bet, coaching but also expert football fundraisers.

After 20 years of Sunday League football my knees are shot but I love the game. I started helping out with my son's team and a few years later I'm now coach, fixtures secretary, motivational speaker and director of football. There's not much of that spare time I mentioned.

If you're involved with a football club you were probably doing the same as me few months ago, tutting over Raheem Sterling's transfer fee and planning for the 2015-16 season.

Say what you like about the mythical 'trickle-down effect' from the Premier League I know, like most of us involved with grassroots clubs, that football funding is hard to come by. There are plenty of football fundraising ideas but not many really good ones.

That's why I was really interested to come across Quickplay Rewards. Probably one of the best ways of fundraising for a football team out there. (I wonder if I'm allowed to say 'if Carlsberg did football team funding' they would do it like this'? – I'll leave it and see what happens).

Quickplay Rewards is a coaching programme that rewards the coaches and clubs that use it. Even better they produce training equipment too and the parents and players I work with get discounts if they buy it.

Spot Elite RebounderIt's quality stuff too. The Spot Elite Rebounder that converts to a free kick wall has been a huge hit. Most of our players couldn't hit a barn door from an inch away last season, so boy do we need free kick practice. At least there's plenty of practice going on round here during the school holidays.

I hope, George our keeper, is benefitting from the 12x6 Kickster Ultra Portable Goal his dad bought. He's never let me down poor lad but he does tend to ship a few. What he lacks in technique he makes up for in effort, so hopefully some regular sessions with his dad, will pay dividends. (Mind you, I'm not that hopeful - I used to play with his dad, Steve. We called him 'The Cat' but it was because he was always in a flap).

Quickplay Rewards is designed to be 'super simple' to set up and run. I found it really easy. The registration form took a few minutes and a few days later I got a set of personalised business cards and a special voucher code.

I've been giving these out to our players and parents. My wife told me not to give them to strangers in the pub, but they did let me put a flyer up. The flyers are a good touch, because they help get the name of the team out too.

Joking aside though, our parents are now getting 25% off products at and I get 10% cashback for every purchase, every penny of which goes to the club.

I also got a starter training kit for half price, just in time for our first pre-season get-together. It's not really a training session more of a social to get the parents together. We put on a BBQ and the Dads usually end up having a kick-about.

They really were impressed with the new match goals (especially 'The Cat' who started telling the story of the only penalty he ever saved!) we got from Quickplay Rewards. They're dying to see our first ever 'bench' too as we've ordered a Quickplay 8 seat shelter, which will come in very handy come October.

I chatted to a few of the dads about the Quickplay Training Programme, it would be great to get a few us together to sign up. Mainly because I could do with the help.

So that's my pennorth on Quickplay Rewards. I really did find it easy to sign up and my lot are benefiting already. So if you're searching for football fundraising ideas, it could help you too. You've got nothing to lose by signing up like I did.

Good luck this season!