Replay Training BallWith more and more emphasis placed on football technique, new innovative training aids are a vital component for coaches and trainers. Good players need to have faultless ball control and possess the ability to make accurate passes, no matter what position is played, these two basic skill are prerequisites for any player.

The Replay Training Ball is the latest concept in football training aids; it offers any player the opportunity to improve an array of skills including shooting, crossing or passing safe in the knowledge that the high quality size 5 ball will return almost instantly, this also allows anyone to train alone in the garden or local park.

The elasticated cord on the Replay Ball can be adjusted to various lengths depending on the skill you are working on, for example, free kicks, corners and long-range passing or shooting will require the cord to be at its lengthiest, however, short passing drills and skills such as the instep volley and ball control will require a shorter cord length.

The real benefits of the Replay Ball are the ‘match situations’ you can simulate and practice alone or with a group of teammates.

The Replay Training Ball is obviously an extremely versatile piece of football training equipment for all outfield players no matter at what position they play, however, goalkeepers too can benefit from the versatility. Practicing goal kicks, dealing with over hit back passes, throwing distribution and of course shot stopping are just a few ways a keeper can use the Replay Ball.

As we mentioned, using the Replay Ball can be a solo or team activity, when using with teammates you can implement games to boost interest and team morale. One such game involves ensuring that the ball does not hit the ground, players need to cushion the ball when it is returned to them so that the next player is able to control the ball and easily make the pass back out, and so on… It sounds much easier than it actually is!

Other uses for the Replay Ball include, practicing throw-ins (it’s amazing how many professional players still perform ‘foul throws’) plus head tennis games and ‘keepy-uppy’ challenges – there really are endless things that the training ball can be used for.

As with other Quickplay products, the Replay Ball can be used in conjunction with the eCoach app, which is downloadable from the ITunes store or the Google Play Store (Android) – the app demonstrates numerous training drills highlighting the exact setup using normal or flat cones.

To summarise, it doesn’t matter whether you are an individual simply wanting to improve basic football skills or a football team coach looking for training equipment that is fun to use but also has serious training benefits, the Replay Ball is an innovative and extremely useful addition.