Rebounders have certainly revolutionised football training, well that’s our opinion anyway and here’s why we think that;

When you were younger a rebounder was a wall at school or at home and If you were lucky it might have a goal painted (or chalked) on it.

A rebounder these days is of course, a key piece of football training equipment. The Quickplay range of rebounders has something for everyone, for grassroots players to pros and everyone in between.

The Rebounder range is proven to help players of all ages and abilities develop:

  • Control
  • Accuracy
  • Power
  • First touches

Hit that sweet spot over and over again from various ranges with various degrees of power and your muscle memory and therefore control, can’t help but improve.

The range starts with the 8ft x 5ft SPOT Rebounder. The world’s most portable football rebounder of its size, this is a fantastic piece of kit. Unlike many rebounders it was specifically designed for football and acts as a giant target, enabling multiple players to go through control drills or invent and play their own rebound games.

The SPOT rebounder only takes about 90 seconds to assemble because of its elasticated tent-style poles. It then packs down very small into its easy-to-carry bag. Younger players can easily carry and erect it and despite being robust enough to cope with the most intense drills, this rebounder is also genuinely lightweight.

So unlike some of its rivals, it’s simple to transport and store too. At just £64.99 this is a great way to keep a group of young players amused or to get some serious drills going.

Priced at just £5 more (£69.99) the 7ft x 7ft version of the SPOT Rebounder has all the features of its slightly smaller cousin but due to the large hitting area of the net, it makes an ideal training companion for a variety of sports as well as football, including tennis, cricket and rugby.

Spot Elite Rebounder

The Spot Elite Rebounder however takes rebounding as a training aid to the next level. A freestanding unit, it doesn’t need pegs, sandbags or any other weights to keep it in place.

With its heavy duty and coated steel frame with solid-core fibreglass uprights this is one robust rebounder..

Yet like many Quickplay Sport products it has the edge on its rivals by still being truly portable.

It takes just two minutes to construct or pack down and comes with an easy-to-handle (and store) carry bag.

With a surface area of 8'x6' players have a large target to hit and the specially designed ‘soft pass’ rebound system will loop the ball further than many other units of its size.

The innovation and design packed into this rebounder make it a bargain at £144.99.

 Things get really serious with the top of the range Pro Rebounder. Thanks to its special design it is the only rebounder on the market which allows players to work on their control of the ball in the air and on the floor.

The Pro Rebounder has a unique bottom lip which allows passes across the ground to be rebounded and the angle of the main target is adjustable. This allows coaches to make sure players concentrate on specific passes, volleys or shots.

At 2mx2m it is also a huge target for players and coaches to work with. This rebounder has been built to last and will stand up to all that the weather can throw at it. Designed to be kept onsite indoors or outdoors this durable and professional institute standard rebounder is only £214.99.

We truly believe that our range of sport rebounders is second to none, our Spot Elite Rebounder is complimented by our free to download eCoach App which has a number of football drills to help improve your game.

You can view our entire range of rebounders here.