Coaching a football team at any level can be a daunting experience, even if you have successfully gained FA coaching badges, nothing quite prepares you for your first, real, coaching job. There is so much to think about, in terms of what aspects of the game to focus on, how to do it, when to do it and perhaps the most important two things of all, what equipment to use and how to keep things interesting for the players.

Pro Rebounder

One product that certainly 'fits the bill' in terms of its benefits and player enjoyment is the Quickplay PRO Rebounder, it's not just a simple 'pass back' system, it is the complete training too. It allows players to pass and receive the ball both on the ground and in the air simulating match situations when the ball may be recived at an awkward angle or at speed.

If a player can significantly improve their anticipation of an oncoming ball no matter at what speed or height tadjusting their body to take the ball under control quickly then their allround game will improve considerably. These skills apply to players all over the pitch, defenders often have to deal with ricochets, midfielders need speed of thought to out think their oppoents and strikers thrive on gambling where the ball will be played in-front of goal - The Pro Rebounder replicates these match scenarios.

When you think of the world's great players, they all had almost a sixth sense in that they anticipated where the ball was coming from, at what angle and at what speed allowing them to perfectly control the ball and move it on. If you look at footage of Zinedine Zidane, he is the perfect example of a player who could take control of the football, however it was played to him then move it on to a team mate or move into a position where he could strike at goal.

Obviously Zidane was a player of immense talent and although he was naturally gifted that doesn't mean he didn't have to work at his game, on the contrary, he worked extremely hard to reach the standards he set. Unfortunately the Pro Rebounder wasn't available when Zidane was ruling Europe's midfield, otherwise we're sure he would have found it to be an excellent training aid!

The Pro Rebounder is a coach's dream, the height adjustable bar, makes it easy to change the angle at which the ball will arrive to a player, allowing them to easily concentrate on different aspects of their control.

And it's not just outfield players that benefit, the rebounder can also be used effectively to train goalkeepers allowing them to concentrate on specific aspects of their game such as drilled low shots or angled crosses.

The Pro Rebounder is a versatile piece of training equipment that will certainly mprove a players overall game while also ensuring that training sessions are productive and enjoyable.