Remember as a child playing football in the garden? With no one to play with you would ask your mum to be the goalie!

What did you use as goalposts? Did you go old school with the traditional jumpers for goalposts? Daft and dangerous with a cricket stump and a garden fork? Or risking your Dad’s wrath by using a couple of his best terracotta pots?

Well there’s no excuse for any of that these days because Quickplay Sport’s range of garden goals has the answer for every budget and every garden.

We believe that garden football should be taken seriously enough to have a decent goal or set of goals. After all, this is where nearly all of us in the UK start to play the game of football.

Once we’re old enough to control the ball, we want to focus on something to shoot at, to aim for, and this is where garden football comes into its own - playing among the flowers beds allows us immediate access to the fun of football. If there is nobody else around or the park is too far, the garden is always right there.

We step out onto the lawn ignoring the shouts of ‘Mind the greenhouse!’ imagining we are walking out at Wembley. It might be a cliché, but it’s true, that’s how it works – especially when we’re kids.

The other important thing about garden football and having goals to focus on, is that it develops our skills. In the garden you can have as many touches as you want. Unopposed touches are not worthless, they are crucial, every single touch builds muscle memory, deftness and skill.

The ability to shoot is built on practice, like any sport skills. Hours and hours of practice is what it takes. If you can practice on your own or with your brother or sister, or poor old mum in goal, so much the better.

The next step is joining in multi-age ‘kick around’ games at the park or in the school playground. But whatever they learn in those matches kids usually take back to the garden. They practice that shot they missed over and over again.They might even be budding goalkeepers, in which case a goal is crucial in terms of teaching them how to make positioning second nature.

Quickplay Sport’s Kickster range of garden football goals offers a choice of sizes. Whether you have a Gerrard-style L.A. mansion or a small patch of grass up against the side of the garage, we have a goal for you.

Our smallest goal is the Kickster Elite measuring 1.5m x 1m - one of our best selling products. Unlike many of its weaker competitors its weighted base frame and rubber pads make it extremely stable, while still being easy to move and construct.

The Kickster range goals then go up in size starting with the K6 (6’ x 4’) and on to the K8 (8’ x 5’), the K12 (12’ x 6’) and the K16 (16’ x 7’)

We also offer a KF goal (measuring 3m x 2m) that is designed specifically as a Futsal goal but can easily be used as a garden football goal. The KF goal is becoming very popular too as many coaches are realising that many of the top South American players like Luis Suarez and Alexis Sanchez can thank Futsal for creating their superb skills.

The good news is that we are currently running several special offers on our garden goals including several ‘buy one get one half price’ deals, making it genuinely affordable to move on from the jumpers and plant pots.

So now there’s no excuse to create that mini-Wembley or mini-Bernabeu in your own back garden and enable your kids or yourself to have fun and develop football skills you’ll keep for life.

See our complete range off garden footbal goals here.