How to Use Your Rebounder


As football is a team game, there are very few drills and football coaching techniques that can be practiced by a player alone. A rebounder however, is one of the few types of equipment that can be used to make your game better and carry out constant practice. Football coaching tips now involve using rebound nets and QuickPlay has come up with its own set of rebounder nets that can improve your game of football immensely.

Here are a few rebounder tips and drills to use with the SPOT ELITE

1.    Learning the Basics

A great football coaching tip is to use the rebounder to learn the basics of the beautiful game. As you can use rebound nets daily for constant practice and carry out a session for as long as you want, calculate how many passes you can make in a specific time. This will help in improving speed, agility along with stamina.

2.    Passing and Shooting Drills

Rebounders can also help when coaching techniques such as passing and shooting the ball with agility, precision and control. QuickPlay’s Pro Rebounder is 2m x 2m and can be adjusted to change the angle the ball comes at. Whether at coaching sessions or for individual practice sessions, the Pro Rebounder makes a great tool for football coaching. Once it is assembled and kept on site, it allows you to practice every day and in all weather conditions. It also helps you practice passing with your weaker foot and making use of it to improve your game.

3.    The Criss-Cross Drill

This drill involves changing your foot constantly to learn how to use one foot to control the ball and the other to make the pass. This constant back and forth with a rebounder will develop the players’ ability to use both feet effectively. Professional players make brilliant use of both feet in controlling and passing the ball and it is something every football coaching should teach.

4.    Improving Speed and the Weaker Foot

Drills that involve improving your speed can be made better with the use of rebound nets. The football goes back and forth really fast and is a great way to stay agile, improve awareness of the ball and stay on your feet. You can also practice passing and shooting with the weaker foot in order to improve your game. Set up one minute repetitive drills and record the improvement each time. The Spot Rebounder and Spot Elite Rebounder will be the perfect choice if you are in need of continuous improvement as they are portable and can be set up anywhere in a matter of minutes.

Combing QuickPlay's rebounders and these coaching tips will take your drills to the next level.