Holly Lam-MooresHolly Lam-Moores was a member of Great Britain’s first ever-Olympic women’s handball team at the 2012 Olympic games in London.

She is currently coaching the Warrington Under 18’s girl’s team, and is an active spokesperson & role model for the sport. Although still classed as a minorty sport in the UK, there is a growing interest in handball with more schools, universities and community teams getting involved with the sport. One important aspect of attracting new people and developing handball in the UK is by providing young people with the opportunities to try out the game for the first time. 

Holly’s been using our Quickplay Portable Handball Goals during her training sessions. They provide an easy, affordable, and completely portable alternative to the heavy steel framed handball goals, which are out there. Such goals can cost anywhere from £1000 - £2000, and are cumbersome and difficult to manage. England Handball has recently announced Quickplay Sport as their official portable goals supplier.  

We caught up with holly for a brief chat about the sport and to see our goals in action during one of her training sessions with the Warrington under 18’s girl’s team.