It is no surprise that the training facilities at Europe’s biggest clubs are of a high quality, you only have to visit Ciutat Esportiva (Barcelona), Ciudad Real Madrid (Real Madrid City), Carrington (Manchester United) or Colney (Arsenal) and it quickly becomes apparent how good they are.

However, the best players in the world, do not only train when they are at their club's training ground, they also train at home.

Much has been made of the fact, that players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will be stay behind after training sessions and put in extra work. Not only that but they also put extra training in when at home.

Messi recently commented in an article in The Guardian, about how much extra time he put in to his training when at home. Every morning, afternoon and night, the Argentine would be practicing at home, perfecting his skills.

Even if you have a small garden, it is still possible to practice skills such as passing and ball control and contrary to belief football training isn't always about fitness in fact it should be less about fitness and more about ball skills and control.

Kickster Academy 16x7 Goal

The Kickster Academy football goal, is the perfect companion for practicing in the garden or at a local park, the goals are available in five different sizes and therefore, you can be sure to find one which will fit the space you have available.

Each goal comes in it's own carry bag and can be assembled in just 2 minutes, the ease of assembley means there is no need for instructions and packing away is just as quick and easy.

The patented flexi post design, helps to absorb the power of the football when it strikes the net or the frame making the goal perfect for small garden areas.

So no matter whether you’re in the garden or local playing field and practicing alone or with friends, there is always something you can be doing to improve your game. The Kickster Academy is available in 4 different sizes so there are numerous training drills you can do, for instance, the 6x4 is perfect for shooting accuracy while the larger 16x7 is great when training with a goalkeeper.