When it comes to playing football, you simply can’t ignore the importance of having the perfect sized goal. In this case, size does matter - in fact it matters a lot.  Installation of the right sized goal in the field makes sure that no team is given unfair advantage and having the right sized goals can make a big deal of difference to the end score of a football game.

Presently, football goals are available in varying sizes, from smaller 6 x 4, 8 x 5 and 12ft x 6ft goals to those having bigger dimensions of 21ft x 17ft.  The team size and age of players are two important factors that need to be considered when buying a football goal.

Often, players rely on the size of their team to determine which goal size would be most suitable for them. For a smaller team that may compose of 5 players, the recommended goal size is 12ft x 6ft. Also, in case of a football match being played between and two teams having 7 players each, the advised goal size is same as that for a team of five players.

It is interesting to note that as the number of players increases on each side, so does the recommended goal size. Hence keeping up with the trend, for a team of 9 football players it is suggested that a goal of 16ft x 7ft be used and in case of each side having 11 players the recommended goal size increases to 21ft x 7ft. However for teams having 11 players, another option to go for is a 24ft x 8ft goal.      

Usually the age group of the players is also taken into consideration when choosing a football goal. Parents are mostly concerned about the type of football goals that they can buy for their children. There are several different types of goals that can be fitted or used to help children in having an enjoyable and safe playing experience. At times, parents may install a football goal in their backyard for a short span of time. These goals are known as semi-permanent goals. Semi-permanent goals are small in size and can be used for small children who are to play under adult supervision. Pop-up goals can also be used for children as they are easy to set up and use. For older children, assembly goals can be bought. These goals can have a firm foundation if rocks are placed at the bottom. 

Focusing more on the age of children, it is suggested to use a goal that is almost 5ft feet tall and 6ft to 9ft wide for 5 year olds. For children of ages 6 and 7, the recommended goal size is 6ft-9ft x 6.5ft and for those falling within the age bracket of 8 to 11 years, 18.5ft-21ft wide and 6.5ft-7ft tall goals are deemed more suitable.  

Also keep in mind that when buying a goal post, it is important to buy it from a reliable company so that you get a high quality football goal. One of the most reliable companies selling football goals is Quickplay Sport. Quickplay Sport offers several football goals that you can purchase. A highly popular Quickplay product is Kickster goal. This is a portable football goal that has many good features. Its features include portable setup and flexible post system. This product is available in five different sizes. Kickster goal can be used at homes as well as at other places.