Football Coaches have an amazing opportunity to make money for their football club, and get a great discount off of QuickPlay products, with Quickplay Rewards.

QuickPlay have heard time and time again from football coaches who use our products of parents and players who ask them where they can get a QuickPlay goal. Once parents see a Kickster goal or rebounder being used they can see how easy the Kickster series are to put up and store away. They can witness first-hand how portable the football goals are, their durability, and how safe they are to use. Football coaches sell Quickplay products simply by using them, so we thought, why not reward them for it?

Quickplay Rewards is a way of rewarding clubs and football coaches that use QuickPlay products and want to offer QuickPlay products to the football players and parents they work with. Football Coaches can register for the scheme and will then receive personalised business cards with a 25% off voucher code to give to parents and players. Not only do they get a great price for a Quickplay Kickster football goal, but it’s also a fantastic way for them to invest something back into the football club.

It is a simple way to raise money for your club; we pay 10% of each sale into the club bank account every 3 months.

When they sign up for QuickPlay Rewards, Football Coaches get 50% off their first order, which includes QuickPlay’s Pro Series. The Pro Series is designed for football coach and club use, with top of the range football training equipment like the SPOT ELITE, the PRO REBOUNDER, the KICKSTER ELITE and the MATCH GOAL which take your coaching to the next level.

Football Coaches and QuickPlay Rewards