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Who Is Next For The England Hot Seat?

28 September 2016 10:02:06 BST

Can English football sink any lower? Who is next for the England job? Read More
Posted in News By Andy Cockayne

The Youdan Trophy - Sheffield 2016

27 June 2016 11:00:28 BST

The Sheffield-based Youdan Trophy tournament begin on Thursday 14th July 2016 and will include teams from the UK, US & Scandanavia. Read More
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The Quickplay Replay Ball

27 April 2016 15:37:57 BST

The Replay Ball offers a vast array of football training drills that can be practiced alone or with teammates. Read More
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Make Coaching Easier With The Pro Rebounder

15 April 2016 12:56:44 BST

If you have desires to become a good footballler then mastering the basics of ball control and speed of though are paramount. Read More
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Garden Football Training - It Does Help!

6 April 2016 14:08:50 BST

There is one trait that world class footballers have, they never stop practicing, improving and learning new ways to show off their skills... Read More
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16 March 2016 11:46:04 GMT

Having invested in a Quickplay Spot Rebounder, the next goal is to get the best out of your new equipment. The good news, is that the Quickplay eCoach App, available for free on both Android and Apple devices, is here to help.... Read More
Posted in News By tommy Marshall

The Quickplay eCoach Mobile Training App

9 March 2016 13:06:34 GMT

Thinking of new and innovative ways to train players, is a problem faced by many coaches around the world. It does not matter at which level the team is playing, it could be professional, semi-professional or amateur, training is a vital part of achieving success on the pitch. Players can lose interest quickly, if the coach is not giving them something relevant and interesting to do during training sessions.... Read More
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The world's football greatest club competition is up and running once again, as the Champions League takes centre stage. It's the most popular club tournament in the world, due to the fact it involves the best club teams in the world. Read more... Read More
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Gary Neville's perfect birthday gift

22 February 2016 13:13:25 GMT

Gary Neville recorded his greatest victory as Valencia manager on Thursday night, as his team demolished Rapid Vienna 6-0. Not only was it Neville's biggest win, the first leg of their UEFA Europa League round of 32 clash also equalled the largest win in the history of the competition.. Read More
Posted in News By tommy Marshall
We recently won the Gold Award at ISPO in Munich for our Elite Combo product, this is the story... Read More
Posted in News By Andy Cockayne

Elite Combo wins Gold at the ISPO Awards 2016

4 February 2016 15:12:20 GMT

The Quickplay Combo Elite is the new GOLD WINNER for Best Team Sport Performance Product at the 2016 ISPO design awards in Munich, Germany. Read More
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Holly Lam-Moores Endorses Quickplay

4 February 2016 12:41:07 GMT

Holly Lam-Moores was a member of Great Britain’s first ever-Olympic women’s handball team at the 2012 Olympic games in London Read More
Posted in News By tommy Marshal

Has Jurgen Klopp Been Hamstrung?

26 January 2016 15:34:09 GMT

Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool honeymoon period is over, thanks to a bizarre number of hamstring injuries... Read More
Posted in News By Andy Cockayne
The start of a new year and half way through a Premiership season is always a time of reflection. Read More
Posted in News By Andy Cockayne

Quickplay Rebounders Hit The Spot

29 October 2015 15:47:58 GMT

Rebounders have certainly revolutionised football training, well that’s our opinion anyway and here’s why we think that; Read More
Posted in News By Andy Cockayne
Remember as a child playing football in the garden? With no one to play with you would ask your mum to be the goalie! Read More
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The Top 10 Premier League Swedish Imports

12 October 2015 15:11:33 BST

In honour of expanding our business to Sweden, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Premier League Swedish Imports. Read More
Posted in News By Andy Cockayne
Why is video technology at least not being trialled in English football? Read More
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Lets Bring Football Home To Sheffield.

25 September 2015 15:55:44 BST

In the mid-nineteenth century, a group of cricketers in South Yorkshire sat down to decide how to keep fit in the winter and changed the world forever Read More
Posted in News By Andy Cockayne
In a recent Quickplay Sport blog we discussed the proposals put forward by Greg Dykes England Commission. The Commission highlighted that 'much more work needs to be done' concerning 'coaching and grassroots facilities Read More
Posted in News By Andy Cockayne
Whats the difference between Russell Brand and Wayne Rooney?

Read More
Posted in News By mark edlington
During a recent brainstorming session at Quickplay Sport we started talking about what it takes to succeed in grassroots (or any other kind) of football. We decided to choose one word to describe it and after rejecting ‘ability’ (too basic), ‘skill’ (too simplistic) and ‘smart’ (too vague) we came up with ‘dedicated’. Read More
Posted in News By Andy Cockayne

The Best Free Kick Specialists

1 September 2015 14:52:38 BST

There have been many good free kick specialists over the years and it is difficult to pinpoint who is actually the best, however, after lengthy discussions at Quickplay Sport here are our choices; Read More
Posted in News By Andy Cockayne
Back in 2013, chairman of the FA, Greg Dyke announced his England Commission which included new proposals to ‘change the rules governing home grown players in English football’. Read More
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Win A Combo Goal Rebounder

13 August 2015 11:58:30 BST

We are launching a competition to win one of our 'Combo Goal Rebounders' worth £89.99 - you can see in action here Read More
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Six New Faces For The English Premiership

12 August 2015 11:27:10 BST

With the English Premiership now underway, we look at 6 of the most exciting players to join our illustrious league for the 2015-16 season. Read More
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The Quickplay Rewards Programme

10 August 2015 15:28:58 BST

Tony Kelly is a coach of Junior Football Club in Stockport. He wrote to us about how he is always searching for football fundraising ideas and how much he is getting from Quickplay Rewards. Read More
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The Origins of Football

The origins of football can be traced back to the 13th and the 14th century and English football particularly goes back to the 15th century. Evidence reveals that games similar to football were played in English schools since the start of the 15th century. Moreover, a game that closely resembled the sport was being played in Nottinghamshire in the 15th century.

England has a long history associated to the sport. Football has become a part of the British values and culture. Hence, football was not only also developed and codified in England but it is also the national sport of England. English documented the word “football” in the year 1409 and England is also home to some of the oldest football clubs in the world. These football clubs date back to the mid-18th century.

Perhaps, one of the most important historical memorials that celebrate the origin of football in England is the Sheffield FC. It is the oldest football club in the UK which was founded in 1857. The foundation of Sheffield FC marked the beginning of a new era for football. 

After Willian Prest and Nathaniel Creswick presented their football rules on 21st of October 1857, The Football Association, English football’s governing body, was formed in 1863. Following these events the FA cup was founded in the year 1871 and the first ever football league was played in the year 1888. The first set of rules for football was developed around social values of the game based on integrity, respect and community. To add to it, primarily the development of the game was seen as a venture to promote health and fitness.  

Prest and Creswick the two founding pioneers of football, who are also credited for writing down the rule for football, separated it from rugby. The rules that became famous as “Sheffield rules” clearly outlined the differences between the two sports. Later, these rules had an important role to play in the formation of FA. These were the first set of rules to be created in Yorkshire and have been crucial in shaping how football is played today.

Development and acknowledgement of football as a proper sport certainly put Yorkshire and Sheffield on the map.

It is interesting to note that Sheffield was considered the capital of the football world until the football association became prominent. The Youdan cup of 1867 was also played under Sheffield’s rule and was the world’s first football tournament.

During WWII, most of the football clubs in England were closed down. However, once the war ended the sport saw a new beginning with the organisation of FA Cup 1945-46. Since then, football has grown to emerge out as the most popular sport of the world. Today, it is the most widely played sport and enjoys a large fan following among many nations.   





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Top Football Goal Scorers

3 July 2015 10:41:38 BST

Top ten football goal scorers of the past 50 years

Football as a sport has gained increasing popularity worldwide. It’s not just about playing the game, but the increasing number of people who have grown to love this sport and have become interested in following all the big players. Some football players have made incredible records over the years and we have compiled a list of the top ten football scorers of the past 50 years:

Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer has been a well known name in England, Blackburn and Newcastle as he leads the way with 260 football goals in 434 Premier League appearances between the years 1992-2006.

Andrew Cole

Andrew Cole and Dwight Yorke were one of the best strike duos in Premier League history and Andrew Cole was able to score an impressive number of 189 football goals in League games. In seven years he won five Premier League titles, one FA Cup and the 1999 UEFA Champions League as well.

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry of Arsenal has an impressive number of 175 football goals in the Premier League. His techniques, pace and amazing goal ratio is what everyone talks about. He helped win the 1998 World Cup and was a great asset to Arsenal in the Premier Leagues.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi of Barcelona is a young player, who has managed to score 246 football goals and has become a leading goal scorer in the Spanish League, La Liga. Over the past six seasons his average is more than a goal per game which is why we see him winning trophies and individual honours as well.

Francesco Totti

In Italy we have Francesco Totti of AS Roma, who has proved to be one of the greatest players they have by holding an impressive number of 235 football goals. In consecutive 9 Italian Serie A seasons, he scored at least 12 goals. In 2006-2007 he won the Serie A top scorer award and the European Golden Shoe award.

Gerd Müller

This known name in German football held a record of 365 football goals in 427 games. Gerd Müller helped his nation win the 1974 World Cup in West Germany and Euro 1972. He also scored an impressive number of 68 goals in just 62 appearances for West Germany.

Fernando Gomes

Fernando Gomes is a recognised name in the Portuguese Primeira Liga with a record of 318 goals. This FC Porto’s all-time top scorer held an impressive record of 288 goals in 342 Primeira Liga appearances between the years 1974-1989.  


This Real Madrid and Spain football legend is well known in the UEFA Champions League where he has earned a spot on the all-time goal scorers list. He holds a goal ratio of 0.5 and a record of 71 football goals. Raúl won competitions with Real Madrid in 1998, 2000 and 2002.

Cristiano Ronaldo

This Portuguese forward holds a strong place in the Spanish La Liga as well as the UEFA Champions League. He won the Champions League with Manchester United in 2008 and then later with Real Madrid in 2014.

Miroslav Klose

Miroslav Kloase of Germany holds a record of 16 football goals in World Cup games which is a great honour for any football player. He scored across four different World Cups between the years 2002 and 2014 and has been a consistent player in all his appearances. 

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The right Football Goal size for you

3 July 2015 10:40:17 BST

When it comes to playing football, you simply can’t ignore the importance of having the perfect sized goal. In this case, size does matter - in fact it matters a lot.  Installation of the right sized goal in the field makes sure that no team is given unfair advantage and having the right sized goals can make a big deal of difference to the end score of a football game.

Presently, football goals are available in varying sizes, from smaller 6 x 4, 8 x 5 and 12ft x 6ft goals to those having bigger dimensions of 21ft x 17ft.  The team size and age of players are two important factors that need to be considered when buying a football goal.

Often, players rely on the size of their team to determine which goal size would be most suitable for them. For a smaller team that may compose of 5 players, the recommended goal size is 12ft x 6ft. Also, in case of a football match being played between and two teams having 7 players each, the advised goal size is same as that for a team of five players.

It is interesting to note that as the number of players increases on each side, so does the recommended goal size. Hence keeping up with the trend, for a team of 9 football players it is suggested that a goal of 16ft x 7ft be used and in case of each side having 11 players the recommended goal size increases to 21ft x 7ft. However for teams having 11 players, another option to go for is a 24ft x 8ft goal.      

Usually the age group of the players is also taken into consideration when choosing a football goal. Parents are mostly concerned about the type of football goals that they can buy for their children. There are several different types of goals that can be fitted or used to help children in having an enjoyable and safe playing experience. At times, parents may install a football goal in their backyard for a short span of time. These goals are known as semi-permanent goals. Semi-permanent goals are small in size and can be used for small children who are to play under adult supervision. Pop-up goals can also be used for children as they are easy to set up and use. For older children, assembly goals can be bought. These goals can have a firm foundation if rocks are placed at the bottom. 

Focusing more on the age of children, it is suggested to use a goal that is almost 5ft feet tall and 6ft to 9ft wide for 5 year olds. For children of ages 6 and 7, the recommended goal size is 6ft-9ft x 6.5ft and for those falling within the age bracket of 8 to 11 years, 18.5ft-21ft wide and 6.5ft-7ft tall goals are deemed more suitable.  

Also keep in mind that when buying a goal post, it is important to buy it from a reliable company so that you get a high quality football goal. One of the most reliable companies selling football goals is Quickplay Sport. Quickplay Sport offers several football goals that you can purchase. A highly popular Quickplay product is Kickster goal. This is a portable football goal that has many good features. Its features include portable setup and flexible post system. This product is available in five different sizes. Kickster goal can be used at homes as well as at other places.


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How to Build your Players Confidence

30 June 2015 12:43:17 BST

Dr. Robin Vealey of Miami University, Oxford is an expert in sports psychology and suggests that confidence in her stream of expertise means: "the belief or degree of certainty individuals possess about their ability to be successful in sport." Confidence is one of the essential prospects for winning maximum amount of football games. Players who lack confidence are less likely to perform at their optimum. Self-confidence is a trait that should be present in each player of your team so that they can perform in synchronisation. It is very rare that amongst successful players there is persistent lack of confidence.

You are not bound to win all games and there will be certain setbacks, which your players will experience. Sometimes they might end up playing bad which might be beyond their expectations and training performance. It is important to reinstall confidence in your players so that they can recover instantly and focus on other matches. As a coach, it is vital that you keep a keen eye on players's level of confidence and this can be judged during training sessions by reading their body language and verbal comments.

Building your Players Confidence during Training

Ways to Building Confidence

Several methods and techniques can support and aid building confidence within your players. Judging your players characteristics, you can successfully implement those specific methods accordingly.

1. Past Performances

One of the most significant sources of confidence is looking back on past performances. It is proven that "success breeds confidence", the number of wins will result in assurance and confidence which can only be maintained by practicing effective goal setting techniques. During training sessions, you can use adequate football supplies such as football nets, rebound nets, portable football nets, and pop-up football goals. This can help you assess each individual player's ability and assign them with the specific goal to achieve, this as a whole will make the team perform productively and help them win more matches. Trying to set achievable goals such as short, medium and long term will result in a focused approach to accomplish targets.

2. Verbal Encouragement

It is important to provide positive feedback and reinforcement to ensure that players perform at their utmost. In order to maintain consistent self-confidence and self-perseverance, it is important to treat each player with equal respect and avoid favouritism, especially when it comes from experience and respected coaches. Encouraging players to perform positive self-talk similar to Mohammed Ali's "I am the Greatest" can install significant confidence amongst themselves. Due to time limitation and pressure, you might not be able to address each and every player and therefore it is important that they self-talk themselves positively by transforming negative phrases from "I won't be able to get this shot" into "I will not stop and try to get the next one in".  You can also teach your players to channel their negative thoughts created by anxiety and stress into positive feelings. Feeling your heart beat fast can be thought as "Can't wait to play" rather than "I am scared".

3. Observing and Imitating Successful Players

Young players can observe other experienced players' tactics and performance while they play the game. It isn't necessary that all high-profile players have learned off their coaches, their experience has come over time and they have learned from their mistakes over time. There is no set way to play football, different circumstances and situations result in using alternative tactics and game plan. Coaches can organise demonstrations, videos and practices according to what they have seen. However, coaches need to be cautious that players don’t start getting frustrated if in case they are unable to perform as other experienced players. 

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10 Best Speed and Agility Drills

24 June 2015 10:15:49 BST

Football is all about speed and agility if you are looking to win the match! However, developing and maintaining speed does not come easy and it requires a lot of endurance and hard work. In order to remain on top of your competing rivals it is important to keep practicing and stay up-to-date.

Here are 10 best speed and agility cone drills for which you will require cones, football training nets and football goal:

1. X-Drill

This particular drill focuses on switching footwork quickly, running at different angles, maintaining strong postures and changing directions. Arrange four cones into a square formation with each side being 15 feet. Start by sprinting diagonally from the upper left cone down to the lower right cone. Then begin shuffling laterally to the lower left cone and run diagonally to the upper right cone. You can end this routine by shuffling across the top of the square and back to the original cone from where you started and begin again in the opposite direction.

2.  123 Back

During a football match, you are unaware of when and how you will sprint, stop and change directions. It is a great stimulus for players to think and accelerate the defensive aspect of the game. This drill helps you to be proactive and react quickly as you would have during a real match. Keep three cones in a straight line, which are 5-yards apart. Then take a fourth cone and position it 3 yards behind the middle cone, which will be your starting point. For a drill, you will require a coach or you can collaborate who will call out the numbers on the cone and you will have to run to that specific cone.

3. Shuttle Drill

Football is all about precision and speed where you are required to practice acceleration and agility while playing the game. This effectively teaches you when to stop and change directions quickly. Place 3 cones in front of football nets that are 5-yards apart from each other. Starting with the centre cone, sprint to the cone on your right and touch it after which you will change directions by sprinting 10 yards to the next cone on the left. End the drill by sprinting back to middle cone, from where you started.

4. Flying 20 Drill

This specific drill concentrates on developing your conditioning and enhancing your speed capabilities. For this drill, you will require 50-yards of space where you will place a cone at the 30-yard mark. From the beginning line to the cone, which is at 30-yards, you will slowly increase speed and start accelerating at a constant speed so that by the time you hit the 30-yard mark you will be completely sprinting. Take a break and continue this in five reps.

5. Four Corner Drill

While playing football an effective defence is crucial to win matches. This drill helps you in quickly transiting from backpedalling to sprinting. You can set four cones in front of football training nets, in a square formation with each cone set 5-yards apart. Begin at the top of the square formation and backpedal to the cone parallel to you. Once you are there then sprint diagonally to the next. Repeat this with the two remaining cones.

6. Three Cone Drill

Also known as the L drill, the cones are kept in an L formation with each cone 5 yards apart. You will begin at the top of the formation and sprint 5-yards forward to the next cone, which is in front of football training nets. Before returning to the first cone, you will change direction quickly and then continue to the third cone by rounding and sprinting. This drill measures your performance with respect to agility.

7. W Drill

In this drill, you will begin in a crouched stance and then sprint diagonally to the first cone once the coach whistles. At the first cone, you will round it and backpedal diagonally to the next cone. This form is repeated until you reach the sixth cone. This greatly helps in footwork and change of directions while you move backward. This is best for defensive players in cornerbacks of football nets.

8. 20-yard shuttle

This drill is best suited to judge agility and teaches footwork properly. You begin with a 3-point stance where the players sprints 5-yards to the first cone, once the whistle is blown. He then sprints 10 yards in other direction to touch the cone and finally sprints back to the start line. This helps eliminating wasting time before changing direction and increases lateral quickness.

9. Pro-Agility Run

Position three cones in a straight line in front of football goal nets, in such a way that the centre cone is 5 yards apart from the other two outer cones. You will stand at the middle cone with feet and shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent. You will then sprint to the right cone and touch before quickly changing direction and sprinting to the opposite cone at 10 yards.

10. Zigzag Sprint

Football players barely run in a straight line because in the real match they dodge opposing players while they try to make a goal. In order to enhance your multidirectional running capabilities this drill is an effective tool. You will need 10 cones placed 6-feet apart. Begin 10 yards from the first cone and increase your speed as you reach the first marker and then sprint through cones as fast as you can. You will need to stay close to the obstacles and focus largely on sidestepping.  

speed and agility drills

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The summer holidays are nearly here and thinking about how to entertain your kids for the next 6 weeks must be a daunting thought! With all that energy kids have, how tired are you going to be running after them all Summer long? Fear not! Here at QuickPlay, we've put our heads together and thought of 10 fun and budget friendly activities for you to do with your kids this Summer! 

1. Create musical instruments so that your kids can put on a summer evening concert for you and your partner

Instead of using expensive musical instruments for having the summer evening concert, find household items which you can turn into instruments. For instance, an empty bottle filled with dried beans makes a great shaker; a plastic container and spoons becomes a drum, and pot covers can be transformed into cymbals.

2. Give a cardboard box to your children and ask them to create something out of it.

Children love creating and making things out of simple household items such as cardboard box. For instance, cereal cardboard boxes can be used to make cars, planes or spaceships, which the children can play with. This will it let their imagination run wild and keep them busy! And give you some time to relax and unwind.

3. Organise a weekly neighbourhood talent night

This might require some work especially when it comes to asking parents and children to join in. It might be difficult for everyone to show up especially when they have different schedules. But if you are able to gather a couple of parents with their children to show off their singing, dancing and drama talents, you and your children can enjoy a fun and interesting evening.

4. Involve your children in helping you plant veggies and fruits in your garden

You can engage your children by letting them sow the fruit and veggie seeds into the ground, water them, watch them grow, cultivate them and then eat them when they are ripe. They will love to see the plants progress over the Summer!

5. Let your children be creative with nature

Do you want to sit outside in your garden and enjoy the warm sunshine? You can do that and include your children also by giving them large pieces of white paper and crayons and ask them to draw the nature they see around them such as butterflies, birds and trees.

6. Educate your children about the different leaves and flowers

Go for a walk with your children and let them collect leaves and flowers, which they can look up using a field guide to see what the plants are called.

7. Take the children to the park or beach and play football

Physical activity is such an important factor for a healthy lifestyle, and it’s so much more encouraging to do if it’s fun! The beach or park is the perfect place for a game of football, not only for the kids but also perfect for luring the adults into playing football. If you have portable football goals this will give the game more of a real life game feel, so find some goals that are quick and easy to put up and take down!

Children carrying portable football equipment

 8. Teach your children about navigations

Take your children bike riding in another neighbourhood and use maps to help them learn navigation skills. Why not take your bikes and navigate to the nearest park for a picnic?

9. For those rainy days, play dress up with your children.

Find funny hats, gloves, purses, flowing gowns and 'superhero' capes and enjoy a session of dress-up where children can act out their favourite character or made-up story scene.

10. Take your children to the library and have them select a book to read.

Getting children to read can be difficult, but it’s so important! Encourage children to accompany you to the local library where they can select their favourite books and read them each week or month. 

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The various striking female soccer stars that are looking to capture glory and lucrative endorsements glamourise the Women's World Cup 2015, which boasts state-of-the-art sporting facilities such as football nets, football training goals, rebound nets and football goal posts. With competitive grounds present for these female soccer personalities only high profile players will attract big-money endorsements. For the 2015 Women's World Cup the following players should be taken notice off:

1. Asisat Oshala

She is a 20-year-old Nigerian who is the first African to play for England's Women's Super League and has been voted as BBC women's footballer of the year. She has also risen to fame due to her success as the best player at the Under-20 World Cup, in which she helped Nigeria finish second against Germany. She was brought up in a Muslim household where her family dealt in gold and fashion industries. Her interest in football came by watching the Liverpool men's team on television as a child.

2. Marta

From Brazil, this 29 year old is a five-time winner of Fifa Women's player of the year award. She plays in Sweden for FC Rosengard and has yet to receive a title such as Women's World Cup top scorer, which is currently held by Germany's recently retired Birgit Prinz.

3. Vivianne Miedema

At 18 years of age and playing for Holland, Miedema has promised to help Holland, which has been struggling in female's football as compared to its neighbouring countries who are fairing reasonably in this sport. Miedema famously termed, as 'the most gifted in Europe' is a player to look out for as she plays for Oranje.

4. Homare Sawa

Sawa was an outstanding player for Japan about four years ago when it won the World Cup in Germany. At 36, Sawa remains an iconic figure in the game irrespective of the several injuries she has endured. Japan is glad to have her back as their key attacking midfielder and she is definitely bound to give rival football teams a hard time.

5. Jessie Fleming

With the Women World Cup 2015 taking place in Canada and if Canada is looking to win the game on its home soil then Christine Sinclair is the woman they are looking to lead it. However, keeping her aside, Jessie Fleming a midfielder boasts extraordinary talent and skills at the age of 17. She is definitely to become a prominent player in the game as she has a long way to go.

6. Abby Wambach

At 34, Wambach has proved an impressive football record of scoring 182 goals for the USA, paired with winning two Olympic goal medals. She is now looking to crown her achievements with a World Cup triumph. This however, might be her final international appearance before she retires.

7. Jill Scott

Back in 2011, Scott shone for England at the Germany 2011 World Cup and at 28; the midfielder knows and plays the game superbly. She is referred to as the most technically assured player in Mark Sampson's squad and is yet to experience a title to her name. She has formerly been a distance runner before her football career.

8. Nadine Angerer

Angerer is the German captain who has enjoyed various records to her name. She has won two World Cups in 2003 and 2007, and during the tournament in China, she set the record of conceding goals. With a record of 540 minutes of not picking the ball from the back of her net, this set record has yet to be beat by a female player. However, this is the last World Cup Angerer will be playing for her team.

9. Wendie Renard

France boasts about being the most accomplished side in the world of football and is considered as the leading contender for the Women's World Cup 2015. However, during big championships, they tend to choke but with Renard to provide composure and precision to the team, this might change the whole game plan.

10. Fara Williams

Williams at 31 is considered one of the best footballers England has produced. Despite her struggling efforts to maintain a consistent place to live for the past 6 years, which she hid from her teammates, she is now set to prove her stance as a goal-scoring midfielder. 

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QuickPlay eCoach

9 June 2015 10:31:32 BST

QuickPlay eCoach

What is eCOACH?
eCOACH is an APP that delivers pro standard football coaching on your PC or mobile device. Compatible with our full range of SPOT rebounders and with 30 detailed video training drills, eCOACH helps to develop all aspects of a players game. Individual and team drills focus on passing, shooting, control, dribbling, volley and free kicks. The App sets targets for each training drill taking the player through the levels from Beginner, to Player, to PRO.

Professional Standard Video Coaching 
eCOACH delivers practice drills with high quality video coaching, which allows the user to view the correct technique of a professional player in super slowmo. This is designed to improve the players technique at home or on the training field.

Individual and Team Training Drills 
eCOACH offers over 30 training drills focussing on all aspects of the users game. It has been developed for a coach in mind with a large range of drills designed to be used in team training and individual scenarios.

  • Team training drills 
  • Individual control drills
  • Individual pass and shoot drills 
  • Individual dribbling drills 
  • Individual volleys drills 
  • Individual free kicks drills

Using the App, a coach or parent can identify areas of a player’s game for improvement. The App is structured so that you can find the relevant training drill accompanied by a video coaching clip.

Training with the SPOT Rebounder 
The eCOACH is design to work with our range of SPOT rebounders using the patented “soft pass system”. Unlike other rebounders, the SPOT rebounder range loops the ball back, which allows the player time to get into position. The system also rebounds the ball back towards the centre regardless of which angle you kick it. The eCOACH App has been designed for the SPOT Elite rebounder, but is also suitable for use with the SPOT 8x5’, 7x7’ and Kickster Combo.

Quick and Easy Set up 
The SPOT rebounder is a super portable rebounder which can be packed down and set up in under two minutes and is supplied with a quality carry bag. All the poles come pre-attached with cord, so no need for instructions. It is both easy and quick to set up at the start of a training session, at home or elsewhere.

QuickPlay eCoach

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Preparations for 2018 World Cup

2 June 2015 10:27:26 BST

The football World Cup of 2018 is to be held in Russia, and the country is excitedly preparing for the big event! As it is one of the largest sporting events to be held that year, preparations have already been undertaken and Russia plans to make the World Cup bigger and better than when it was held in Brazil in 2014 - which explains why the projected costs have already been doubled compared to the original budget that was set.

Match Goals

For the football World Cup, Russia has already started focusing on the stadiums where the games will be held which will be across 11 cities of Russia, in 12 stadiums. There are stadiums which are being redesigned and upgraded, while some will be completely new. There are stadiums under construction in Moscow, Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan and Saransk with a capacity to hold a large number of people ranging from 40,000-80,000. There is also consideration regarding the designs to comply with FIFA standards.

A venue has also been selected for the FIFA banquet and the preliminary World Cup draw. The banquet will be held at an artistic venue which is the Russian Museum of fine arts in St. Petersburg. The draw, which is the first official event of the 2018 World Cup, will be held at the 17th century Konstantinovsky Palace which has been restored and maintained over the years.

As the 2018 World Cup will involve a large number of prestigious guests and fans coming in from all over the world, Russia has started building hotels specifically for the football World Cup. This is also to ensure adequate accommodation for the teams as well as the FIFA officials. They want to ensure that they make the World Cup as memorable as possible and for that they are going through great expenses.

The official posters for the 11 cities of Russia that will be hosting the 2018 World Cup have also been designed. The official logo of the FIFA World Cup has been designed in a way to capture the heart and spirit of Russia. The design includes the World Cup trophy and the colours of the Russian flag, blue and red along with gold trimmings. This logo has been shared all over Russia and the world, increasing the excitement of the football World Cup.

You might think the 2018 World Cup is way far ahead, but for the Russians it is still not enough time to complete preparations and get everything on track. They want the event to be perfect, and make the experience great for all the teams and football lovers. This is why they are determined to keep ongoing preparations and make huge investments in the stadiums. The Luzhniki Stadium is to have a large screen and illuminations that will allow people from all over Moscow to see the game! Russia has left no expense in making the football World Cup great and we are all excited to see how it turns out. 

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Spot Elite in Use

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How to Use your New Rebounder

19 May 2015 16:13:05 BST

How to Use Your Rebounder


As football is a team game, there are very few drills and football coaching techniques that can be practiced by a player alone. A rebounder however, is one of the few types of equipment that can be used to make your game better and carry out constant practice. Football coaching tips now involve using rebound nets and QuickPlay has come up with its own set of rebounder nets that can improve your game of football immensely.

Here are a few rebounder tips and drills to use with the SPOT ELITE

1.    Learning the Basics

A great football coaching tip is to use the rebounder to learn the basics of the beautiful game. As you can use rebound nets daily for constant practice and carry out a session for as long as you want, calculate how many passes you can make in a specific time. This will help in improving speed, agility along with stamina.

2.    Passing and Shooting Drills

Rebounders can also help when coaching techniques such as passing and shooting the ball with agility, precision and control. QuickPlay’s Pro Rebounder is 2m x 2m and can be adjusted to change the angle the ball comes at. Whether at coaching sessions or for individual practice sessions, the Pro Rebounder makes a great tool for football coaching. Once it is assembled and kept on site, it allows you to practice every day and in all weather conditions. It also helps you practice passing with your weaker foot and making use of it to improve your game.

3.    The Criss-Cross Drill

This drill involves changing your foot constantly to learn how to use one foot to control the ball and the other to make the pass. This constant back and forth with a rebounder will develop the players’ ability to use both feet effectively. Professional players make brilliant use of both feet in controlling and passing the ball and it is something every football coaching should teach.

4.    Improving Speed and the Weaker Foot

Drills that involve improving your speed can be made better with the use of rebound nets. The football goes back and forth really fast and is a great way to stay agile, improve awareness of the ball and stay on your feet. You can also practice passing and shooting with the weaker foot in order to improve your game. Set up one minute repetitive drills and record the improvement each time. The Spot Rebounder and Spot Elite Rebounder will be the perfect choice if you are in need of continuous improvement as they are portable and can be set up anywhere in a matter of minutes.

Combing QuickPlay's rebounders and these coaching tips will take your drills to the next level.

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FAs New Proposal for Grassroots Football

13 May 2015 10:35:22 BST

Grassroots football

FA has finally taken an initiative that is aimed at developing grassroots football.

It took a visit to riverside pitch in Uxbridge for Greg Dyke, the FA chief, to realise that grassroots football has been a victim of FA’s neglect and needs immediate attention. Presently many football fields and grounds have been transformed into office blocks and residential developments which has severely damaged grassroots football.

As if the lack of grounds was not enough to damage the foundation of football, scarcity of necessary facilities has further worsened the situation. Local authorities have reduced the budget for sports and recreation by as much as 40%, which is to add to the gravity of the situation. All these factors have worked together to damage grassroots football and as a result, the sport as suffered from a decline in popularity. The percentage of footballers enthusiastic about making it to the top has been steeply declining. According to statistics released by FA, last year each grassroots football player had at least five of his games cancelled due to improper pitch conditions.

To make things right FA has proposed a 3G revolution which according to some has immense potential of success. Main focus of the solution proposed by FA is on increasing the availability of playable pitches and addressing the need of qualified football coaches. Though grassroots football has been neglected by FA for a long time and Greg Dyke is not the first FA president to attempt at making things right but his chances of success are surely brighter than that of his predecessors.

Despite the overall situation surrounding grassroots football appearing grim, improving the football structure does not seem to be a task that is completely impossible. The opening of St. Georges Park, FA’s national football centre, and the creation of a new modified coaching manual is surely a way forward in ensuring the provision of effective football coaching at the basic level. FA has invested a considerable amount of £100 million in the creation of St. Georges Park, which it has given the status of national football park. According to experts, St. Georges Pak can prove to be quite effective in improving the situation of grassroots football.

The training base extends over an area of 300 acre and is equipped with all the modern facilities, which makes it deserving of the title of national football centre.

Football needs to be redeemed at the grassroots level and only then we will be able to witness visible results and improvements. FA has finally come to realise this fact and the opening of St. Georges Park, overhaul of the coaching manual and investment in ‘football hubs’ are all a part of its 3G revolution scheme which is expected to set things in the right direction. Though much more needs to be done in order to save football from turning into a dying sport but FA’s initiative has re-ignited hope among avid football fans and enthusiasts.    

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The World's Highest Paid Footballers

6 May 2015 11:25:57 BST

TODAY, PLAYING FOOTBALL PROFESSIONALLY is considered as one of the highest paying jobs in the world. Pay packages for footballers are increasing massively with each passing year. Recently, the news of Wayne Rooney signing a contract with Manchester United to earn £15,600,000 a year created quite a stir in media circles and with football fanatics. Ever been curious to know who are the highest paid footballers in the world? Us too.

10. Radamel Falcao   Tenth on our list of highest paid footballers is Radamel Falcao, making £23 per minute and a whopping £ 221,000 every week. Credited for scoring 70 goals in 91 games, Falcao is quite a sensation among football fanatics.

9. Robin Van Persie   Manchester United’s Robin Van Persie is ranked ninth on our list, taking the lead by a very small margin. With a football career and that is highlighted by rock-bottom lows and glorious highs, RVP earns as much as £23.50 per minute.

8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic   A footballer who is zealous about putting his best on the field and making it big off it, Zlatan Ibrahimovic takes that lead from RVP, earning £23.65 a minute. He is one of the best football players around today, having played for some of the top European football clubs.

7. Yaya Toure   Next in line is Yaya Toure who has rendered his services for some of the best and most prestigious European football clubs. Toure’s impressive performance over the course of his career justifies his pay of £ 240,000 per week.

6. Lionel Messi   Lionel Messi takes the sixth spot on our list.  He is considered as one of the best footballers in the world today and is acknowledged for scoring 25 goals in 28 appearances during the current season. Making £25 per minute, he is surely the man to look out for.

5. Fernando Torres   Fifth on our list of highest paid football players is Fernando Torres. Torres may not have been able to put up his best performance on the field lately, but he manages to prove his worth still earning an astounding £268,000 a week.

4. Gareth Bale   Signing a lucrative deal with Real Madrid last year, the 24-year old has achieved a lot at a very young age. As a footballer he is naturally gifted and making £30 a minute, Gareth Bales comes fourth on our list.

3. Wayne Rooney   Making it to top three is Wayne Rooney, who was recently in news for signing a deal with Manchester United. Earning as much as Bale, money he makes as a result of endorsements and advertisements gives him a slight edge.

2. Samuel Eto’o   Thrice being a part of a team that won the Champions League, Samuel Eto’o is likely to be remembered as one of the greatest African football players in the history of the game. Currently earning £34 a minute, Samuel Eto’o is a player who has a natural flair for playing the sport.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo   Cristiano Ronaldo being the highest paid player is no surprise. Being one of the most popular footballers he makes as much as £335,000 a week.

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Things Every Football Coach Should Know

28 April 2015 16:13:42 BST

IF YOU ARE ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT FOOTBALLyou may consider training to become a football coach. It is a unique experience to help young individuals in refining their playing skills and encourage them to make it big. It is truly exhilarating to witness an individual grow as a football player, all thanks too exceptional football coaching provided by you.

If you are interested in football coaching, here are our top football coaching tips for you to make sure that your team always emerge victorious.

1. Shuttle Passing  One of the most important football coaching tips is to practice shuttle passing. This football drill includes three to four players. Players are made to pass, receive and condition the ball between themselves repeatedly. This does not only help in refining their football playing skills, such as heading, but it is also a good exercise for improving their reflexes.

2. Plan Before the Season Starts  If you have taken up football coaching as a profession, it is a must that you come up with a detailed plan for every season. Take on board all players of your team and tell them about your agenda for the new season so that they may exactly know what they are in for and what areas they need to specifically focus on.

3. Teach How to Manipulate the Ball  Our list of top ten coaching tips is to remain incomplete without this particular piece of advice. As a football coach it is immensely important for you to teach your players about gaining more control over the ball. To achieve this, you can make your players perform different drills with a rebound net, like the Spot Rebounders.

4. Set a Goal  Another addition to our list of football coaching tips is to set a goal. Analyse and measure the strengths and weaknesses of your players and then set a realistic goal at the start of each season. Also, assess your players individually and set separate goals for each of them so that they are not only able to improve as a team but as individual players too.

5. Teach Distance Passing  Teaching distance passing is one of the most important aspects of football coaching. Divide players into two teams and set them up to pass the ball between themselves, each scoring a point in case of hitting the ball through the air to enter the manned target zone.

6. Plan Your Training Sessions  A good practice session is one that is planned well. To see visible results, you need to plan your training sessions so that it proceeds at an adequate pace and is enjoyable yet beneficial for the players. Also, it needs to include various important drills as well as a small match.

7. The Step Across  On one of the most important football coaching tips is to make your players perform the step across drill. This is one of the most basic defence moves in football, which involves players blocking others players by placing one or both of their legs between the ball and their opponent. 

8. Demonstrate  To add to our list of top ten coaching tips is demonstration. Your players are to understand plans, strategies and moves more effectively through visual presentations. Hence, use demonstrations to coach better.

App in Context

9. Set Up Drills to Score More Goals  Make your players practice scoring goals so that they attain a higher level of accuracy. The Kickster Elite is a handy target goal that can help you with this Drill. Set the target goal up infront of your Match goal to give your players a specific part of the net to aim for!

10. Download a Football Coaching App  There are plenty of handy apps that you can download to your Smart Phone or tablet that will help you with your coaching. The QuickPlay eCoach is a free App that delivers pro standard football coaching. It has 30 detailed video training drills, eCoach helps to develop all aspects of a player’s game.

11. Lead by Example   Lastly, present an exemplary image of yourself to your players. This way you will be better able to help them develop a sense of sportsmanship.

Apart from all this, also guide players to invest in good quality sports products and gear. Reputed enterprises like Quickplay offer a wide variety of top quality sports products and can be approached to buy a sports product of your choice.   

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Manchester City Football Club City Student Co-ordinator, Sam Brown, caught up with QuickPlay at the Street Doctors Tournament run by Manchester City Football Club and QuickPlay.

As it was the first time so many Match Goals had been used at one tournament, Sam wanted to let us know what he thought about the QuickPlay Match Goal. Describing them as 'effective', and comparing them to other portable Match Goals on the market, Sam commented on how easy the football goals were to put up and take down. He also loved the value for money fo the Match Goal and Shelter combo saying 'if the wather gets bad, you've got 2 minutes to pull the shelter on and you're off'!

See the video here:

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QuickPlay Sponsors Street Doctor

21 April 2015 12:32:43 BST

On Sunday the 19th April 2015, QuickPlay sponsored a Charity Football tournament in aid of UK Based Charity, Street Doctors. Street Doctors changes the lives of high risk young people by giving them the skills they need to deliver life-saving first aid. But as well as saving lives they use first aid as a tool to educate and empower these young people, giving them confidence and a sense of responsibility for their actions, helping to change their attitude towards violence. Find out more about Street Doctors here.

Didsbury Pitch

Street Doctors Charity Tournament at Didsbury was the first tournament to use QuickPlay’s MATCH GOAL – and their portability and quick set up time was definitely a blessing when there was 12 of them to set up! The pre-attached poles meant that there was no need for instuctions, and there was no mix up with the parts. It made what could have been a stressful situation, easy!

The QuickPlay SPOT ELITE also saw some action, being used as a practice tool for teams that weren’t on the pitch yet!

Spot Elite

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The new Target Goal by QuickPlay, the Kickster Elite was put to the test, appearing on the pitch at half time in the Queen Park Rangers vs. Tottenham Spurs match. 

Target Goal on pitch at QPR vs Spurs

The Kickster Elite's portability and 2 minute set up time made it the perfect choice to rush onto the pitch at half time for QPR in the Community so the kids could use it as a target goal. Unlike other pop up goals, the Kickster Elite has a weighted baseframe and rubber feet, meaning there’s no need to use sandbags or ground pegs, making the target goal simple and even easier to take from storage to training.

Part of QuickPlay’s Pro Series, the Kickster Elite was designed with football coaches and clubs of all levels as the perfect Target Goal for you. This target goal is an innovative piece of football training equipment and is made to the highest possible production standards, combining strength and durability, meaning the coach has peace of mind during his training sessions. This little target goal has the speed and portability of a pop up goal and the durability of a real goal, so you know it really can take whatever you throw at it.

Check out the Kickster Elite and get your target goal now

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Football Coaches and QuickPlay Rewards

8 April 2015 10:48:58 BST

Football Coaches have an amazing opportunity to make money for their football club, and get a great discount off of QuickPlay products, with Quickplay Rewards.

QuickPlay have heard time and time again from football coaches who use our products of parents and players who ask them where they can get a QuickPlay goal. Once parents see a Kickster goal or rebounder being used they can see how easy the Kickster series are to put up and store away. They can witness first-hand how portable the football goals are, their durability, and how safe they are to use. Football coaches sell Quickplay products simply by using them, so we thought, why not reward them for it?

Quickplay Rewards is a way of rewarding clubs and football coaches that use QuickPlay products and want to offer QuickPlay products to the football players and parents they work with. Football Coaches can register for the scheme and will then receive personalised business cards with a 25% off voucher code to give to parents and players. Not only do they get a great price for a Quickplay Kickster football goal, but it’s also a fantastic way for them to invest something back into the football club.

It is a simple way to raise money for your club; we pay 10% of each sale into the club bank account every 3 months.

When they sign up for QuickPlay Rewards, Football Coaches get 50% off their first order, which includes QuickPlay’s Pro Series. The Pro Series is designed for football coach and club use, with top of the range football training equipment like the SPOT ELITE, the PRO REBOUNDER, the KICKSTER ELITE and the MATCH GOAL which take your coaching to the next level.

Football Coaches and QuickPlay Rewards


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Portable Handball Goals

2 April 2015 12:49:44 BST

Portable Handball Goals are a new addition to the QuickPlay Range this year. The simple and yet innovative design of the Kickster Academy range was effectively applied to what was needed for Handball Goals – only 4 parts make up the goal, with a baseframe, two uprights and a net. Its two minute set up makes it perfect for a busy environment, such as a Handball club or school use. The QuickPlay Portable Handball Goal comes in small carry bag, making it perfect to store, and travel from training to the match.

Portable Handball Goal

The QuickPlay Portable Handball Goal has a weighted base frame and rubber feet, meaning that there is no need for sandbags to use the goal either!

Portable Handball Goal

Manchester Handball Club bought the Quickplay Portable Handball Goal and were impressed with what they saw, saying:

“We ordered these goals [and they] were delivered the very next day. They are small and compact and fit into an easy to carry holdall. … They really did go together in two minutes and the elastic through the poles made them simple to assemble. The goals were really good and withstood the power of most of the teams shooting. They did not move much when players were taking shots due to the non slip feet underneath …These goals are ideal for clubs and schools who need portable goals that can be quickly assembled and then taken down to be stored away.”

Why not try it out for yourself? Click here to check out the QuickPlay Portable Handball Goal

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Portable football goal manufacturer Quick Play Sport has underlined its commitment to developing grassroots football by striking a ground-breaking deal with two County Football Associations.

The Sheffield based company has signed a commercial marketing partnership with the Sheffield & Hallamshire Football Association and Birmingham Football Association, which will see the groups work together on a number of marketing and promotional opportunities The deal, which is believed to be the first of its kind in the UK, will also see a percentage of the price of Kickster goals purchased through the Quick Play Sport website, www.quickplaysport.com, donated back to the local FAs to support grassroots football.

Quick Play Sport is now looking to expand the scheme and is actively seeking out other County FA’s who are interested in the opportunity. The Kickster goals are portable football goals which come in a small easy to carry bag and can be both set up and taken down in under two minutes due to their revolutionary patented ‘flexi-post’ system.

Steve Crosby, Director at Quick Play Sport said: “The ethos behind Quick Play and the Kickster goal is to get more kids playing football, and hopefully our partnership with the FA will encourage the development of grassroots football in the regions.

“It’s an excellent opportunity to work together on a deal which will benefit both parties, but it’s also an opportunity for us to give something back to our local communities.

“The FAs have to find a lot of their own funding and we hope the extra revenue this deal will generate will help them find and develop the UK’s best footballers.”

James Hope-Gill, Chief Executive from Sheffield & Hallamshire FA said: “We are delighted to be able to partner with Quick Play Sport and look forward to working with them long into the future.

“The Kickster goals are fantastic and really are a modern day ‘jumpers for goal posts’ product. The football development team and our network of coaches will be out and about using the goals as they are portable and are simple and quick to put up.

“Quick Play Sport will be working closely with the County Football Association at all future grassroots football events.”

- taken from Football Trade Directory

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Football Coaching and the QuickPlay eCoach

1 April 2015 14:47:23 BST

Football Coaching is not an easy feat – controlling any number of kids at different levels in football takes time, effort and practice. Coaches have got to plan their sessions, think about strategy, and also keep up to date with the latest football equipment. It is motivation and dedication that fuels football coaching.

So how can QuickPlay help?

Quickplay is introducing a football coaching App, called eCoach. eCoach is an app that delivers professional standard football coaching on your PC or mobile device. Compatible with our full range of SPOT REBOUNDERS and with 30 detailed video football coaching drills, eCoach helps to develop all aspects of a player’s game. Individual and team drills focus on passing, shooting, control, dribbling, volley and free kicks. The app sets targets for each training drill, taking the player through the levels, from Beginner, to Player, to PRO. This app is football coaching available in your pocket!

Football Coaching App

The eCoach is designed to work with our range of SPOT REBOUNDERS, using the patented ‘soft pass system’. Unlike other rebounders, the SPOT REBOUNDER range loops the ball back, which allows the player time to get into position. The system also rebounds the ball back towards the centre regardless of the angle you kick it. The eCOACH App has been designed for the SPOT ELITE REBOUNDER for football coaching use but is also suitable for use with the SPOT REBOUNDER 8’ x 5’, SPOT REBOUNDER 7’ X 7’ and the KICKSTER COMBO.

QuickPlay Sport wants to reach out to football coaches and develop the standard of the national game. With your motivation, a REBOUNDER and the QuickPlay eCoach nothing will get in the way of your football coaching!


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MATCH GOALS are going to be put to the test this April!

Last year QUICKPLAY SPORT launched the new PRO RANGE, a range designed and  built for football clubs and coaches of all levels! As well as top of the range training equipment like the SPOT ELITE and the PRO REBOUNDER, this range includes the MATCH GOAL. The MATCH GOAL is a match size goal that takes only 5 minutes to set up, meaning less hassle and more time to play! The goal is extremely portable, and comes in a handy carry bag, making it perfect to take to training! 

Eager to put the MATCH GOAL to the test, QUICKPLAY SPORT have teamed up with UK Charity STREET DOCTORSQuickPlay are sponsoring a tournament run by the students at Manchester Student Union in collaboration with Manchester City Football Club to raise funds for the charity on the 19th April at Didsbury Rugby Club.

QUICKPLAY SPORT are donating 12 MATCH GOALS for the tournament to be used by the teams. This will be the first event that the MATCH GOAL has been used at, so we’re really looking to test them out and see if they really can take what the teams can throw at them!

STREET DOCTORS changes the lives of high risk young people by giving them the skills they need to deliver life-saving first aid. But as well as saving lives, they use first aid as a tool to educate and empower these young people, giving them confidence and a sense of responsibility for their actions, helping to change their attitude towards violence.

Join us at Didsbury Rugby Club in Manchester for football, fun, and music on 19th April at 2pm

HAVE YOU GOT A CHARITY EVENT YOU WANT US INVOLVED IN? Email us at becky@quickplaysport.com and let us know how we can help you!

Match Goal

Click here to check out the Quickplay MATCH GOAL

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Kickster Features on Dragons Den!

2 September 2009 01:00:00 BST


That's right- Kickster was featured on top BBC 2 show Dragons Den as Allen and Steve braved the Dragons! It was only a short 2 minute showing of our time in the Den, which began with Theo and Peter having a kickabout with the goal (from which we can tell you Peter's a better businessman than goalie!)- Theo of course tried to break Kickster, but couldn't get anywhere near. 

It was a tough Q&A, but the overwelming response was that they thought Kickster was a fantastic product. They loved the goal, but we politely declined Duncan Bannatyne's offer of investment and decided to go it alone instead.

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Kickster PRO 3600 Mk2 Coming Soon!!!

23 August 2009 01:00:00 BST

Thanks to all of you who've bought a Kickster Goal and come back to us with feedback on our new goal innovation.  We've listened to what you think is great or not so great about Kickster and have been hard at work making some improvements to the design. The great news is it's almost ready and the Mk2 design will be available from September!  You'll see a real difference including an improved net, more secure attachment tabs, stronger plastics and a much improved bag, making it even easier to put Kickster up!  If you want to know the second these new goals arrive, email us on sales@quickplaysport.com, with your name and number and we'll add you to the list.
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Kitlocker.com Our New Kit Partner

21 June 2009 01:00:00 BST

Here at quickplaysport.com we're committed to selling the best football goals in the world and maybe a few other things essential for a game, but if it's training kit you're looking for then we'd like to recommend www.kitlocker.com. These guys can supply any kit for you and your team, any sized order, any sport! Visit www.kitlocker.com or click the 'Football Kit' link in our shop box.
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More Sports Products This Summer!

1 June 2009 01:00:00 BST

We've had a fantastic spring and Kickster's gone from strength to strength, which is great. However lots of our customers have been asking to purchase balls and other equipment with their Kickster Goals. So this summer we're expanding the quickplaysport.com shop section to bring you more of what you want. Over the next month we'll be adding a selection of balls, goalie gloves and other high quality training equipment to make your shopping experience easier... we're even adding some games for the garden this summer (if we get one).
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QuickPlaySport is a Good News Story.

10 April 2009 01:00:00 BST

In all this doom and gloom, BBC 1 Local News program Look North has decided to show the brighter side of the economy, by running a week of good news stories. Steve from our team was interviewed this week, to talk about what QuickPlaySport and Kickster is doing for Grassroots football in the region.  We are continually working with clubs, coaches and regional FA's to improve the quality of football training for juniors everywhere. 

You can see the profile, which goes out on Look North, BBC1 throughout the day on Friday 10th April... however, don't worry if you miss it or if Look North isn't your regional news show, we'll be putting the footage on our YouTube Channel as soon as we get a copy. 
Watch This Space!
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QuickPlaySport has provided goals to the guys at the Football Africa Project, which are as we speak being taken around Africa on a mission to raise AIDs awareness on the contintent. Here's their plan:

-To travel through 8 countries in Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana & South Africa
-To play football as a way of breaking down barriers and as a form of communication
-To use art and film to record the process and our individual personal journeys
-To use Tackle Africa training materials to coach people about the dangers and prevention of HIV and AIDS
-To leave footballs and football shirts in as many places as we can

What a great idea... and we've supplied the goals for the job. 
Videos & Pictures coming soon.

Please show your support for the project by going to the Football Africa website and making a donation. 
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Kickster on TV! Something For The Weekend

18 January 2009 00:00:00 GMT

Great News!  Kickster was featured on BBC2's Sunday morning show, Something For The Weekend. The show contacted the QuickPlaySport team to feature Kickster in their Gadget slot and gave it a fantastic review.  Tim Lovejoy and his two daughters played with the goal and thought it was "a brilliant peice of kit".  Remember to watch videos of Kickster in action on our YouTube Channel: QuickPlaySportdotcom a video of the show will be up there soon.


28th FEB UPDATE!  A video of the review is now up on our YouTube Channel... Have a look at it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFl2e0SOpJs&feature=channel_page
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Brad Friedel Recommends Kickster Goals

3 November 2008 00:00:00 GMT

We're really pleased to have one of the best Goal Keepers in the World recommending the Kickster Portable Goal. Brad Friedel, who's having a fantastic season at his new club Aston Villa, only last week set a new record of 167 consecutive Premier League appearances (and growing). He is arguably one of the greatest players of his generation and he's now joined the QuickPlay team to support and improve grassroots football everywhere. You can learn to be like him with Kickster.
What does he think of Kickster? Simply put"QuickPlay Goals are the best on the market"- you can watch his video here and see other KicksterYouTube videos here.
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NEW VIDEOS on YouTube!

1 November 2008 00:00:00 GMT


We've uploaded some great videos of the Kickster Football Goal in use onto YouTube.
Just go to the QuickPlaySport YouTube Page hereor just copy this text into your browser:


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Here's an article written about Quick Play Sport recently on Sheffield F.C.'s website...

Sheffield FC joined QuickPlaySports at Meadowhall on Monday to celebrate its 151st Birthday and enjoy a good old penalty shoot out using Kickster portable goals.
Kickster is the Worlds Most portable goal and they teamed up with the World’s First football club to collect Boots forAfrica and have an enjoyable indoor football event – the winner being Isaac Platin age 7.  Isacc will be invited to Sheffield Football Club where he will meet the players and collect his replica shirt. 
...See the full article here Sheffield F.C.


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Neville Southall Keeps Goal for QPS

8 September 2008 01:00:00 BST

Neville Southall MBE recently kept goal for Quick Play Sport at Wakefield, for the Netto national sales and marketing meeting. Neville said about the Kickster goals: “they are brilliant. There’s nothing like them on the market, they’re ideal". Neville has been described as one of the best goalkeepers of his generation and won the FWA Footballer of the Year award in 1987. He was awarded the MBE in 1995 for his services to football.
Southall joined Everton in 1980 and went on to make a club record 578 appearances in the Football League and helped the team to win a number of honours including the league championship and FA Cup on two occasions each and the European Cup Winners Cup. He also played internationally for Wales, winning a record 93 caps. Since his retirement as a player Southall has managed a number of non-league teams and has coached the Welsh national youth teams.

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Dave Beasant Saves With Kickster

4 September 2008 01:00:00 BST

Recently Dave was good enough to keep goal at the opening of the Crown Paint store at Brentford, supported by Quick Play Sport. Dave thought theKickster goals were great and was really happy with to have his photo taken with us. Dave's former clubs include Newcastle United, Chelsea, Southampton,Nottingham Forest, Portsmouth, Tottenham Hotspur, Brighton & Hove Albion and Wigan Athletic. 
He became the first goalkeeper to save a penalty in an FA Cup final when he blocked John Aldridge's spot-kick for Liverpool in 1988 and in doing so helped Wimbledon secure a famous 1–0 win. He was also the first goalkeeper to captain his team in an FA Cup final. Dave won two caps for Englandand went to the 1990 World Cup.

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Quick Play Heads to the USA.

17 August 2008 01:00:00 BST


Quick Play Sport were invited by Aston Villa's Goal Keeper Brad Friedel to take our Kickster Portable Goals out to the USA to his Premier Soccer Academies (PSA) in Lorain, Ohio- for the PSA World Youth Tournament. The tournament involved a week of matches between a group of world class youth teams. The eight teams which participated included three national teams (Chile,Nigeria, and Venezuela), Chivas and Club America from Mexico, Blackburn Rovers, Colorado Rush Select XI from the USA and the PSA Academy Team. It was a great honour (and great fun) to support this event.  
Kickster received more great feedback from all the kids and adults at the event and from Brad himself. It's fantastic that players of all ages and abilties (from amateur all the way up to the premier league) are endorsing the Kickster Portable Goal.
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SAFA Give the Kickster Thumbs UP!

11 August 2008 01:00:00 BST

It's been a busy summer for the Quick Play team, we've not stopped since the massive success and great feedback from the Grass Roots Football LIVE show, but we did find some time in August to make our way down to Hastings for the Southern Association Football Academy (SAFA) Soccer Skills Academy Week, where 100 of the best youth players in the South East UK came for an intensive week long Academy training session. It was a fantastic to see them being put through their paces with actual set pieces used in the premiership! Quick Play supplied four Kickster football goals for the event which were used by the Under 12's in training drills and games. Jim Coulston, Head Coach at SAFA said: "the Kickster goals are great, they're exactly what our coaches need and the speed and ease of assembly makes them ideal for us at here SAFA".
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From The Grassroots Up… At Quick Play, we believe that sport at the Grassroots level is the more important than any other. Yes, it's where the future professional athletes of tomorrow are born, but more importantly it teaches many core life skills, like teamwork, perseverance and can help to build better communities all over the world. A couple weeks ago Quick Play Sport donated some of our Kickster Goals to Broadway Consolidated Plc, who sponsor Grassroots Football in Liberia. The goals went to an orphanage and a local community playground and the reception has been fantastic! The kids played for six hours, on the day the goals arrived until it got too dark to play! It’s great to see that Kickster portable goals are being enjoyed all over the world.
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Kickster Launches!

3 June 2008 01:00:00 BST

Okay, so we know some of you have known about Kickster for a while now and a lucky few of you have even been using the goals, but last weekend saw the official launch of The Worlds Most PortableFootball Goal in the world stage. We took the NEC in Birmingham, UK for the Grass Roots LIVE Football Show, to launch Kickster. It was a fantastic weekend, filled with football, demonstrations, fun and competitions and the response to the product was overwhelming. Thanks to all of you who came down to see us and try the goals- we had one of our Kickster 2000 goals set up all weekend and we reckon it must have taken (and stood up to) around a thousand shots from players of all ages! Also well done to Jordan Higgins who won our Kids competition, managing to put up a Kickster 2000 in only 80 seconds!!! And winning a Kickster 2000 goal for his speedy work.
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Bolton Wanderers take the Kickster home.

16 May 2008 01:00:00 BST

Quick Play Sport are invited to take Kickster to the Reebok Stadium by Bolton Wanderers FC.

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